By Which The Origami Is The New Madness in Mindfulness (Yes, after Coloring)

After coloring fever arrives to our lives a nostalgia-filled creative trend: the Origami. And like fashion above not only is the sea of fun, It is also full of benefits. A way to relax, relieve tension and focus on an artisan craft within the reach of everyone.
Adult coloring books were the publishing success of the year 2015, monopolizing the top best sellers both in bookstores as in online stores. But that is now a thing of the past. If you also fall under the fever of the markers, but you’ve already started you bored of combining colors, you’re in luck: You can now practice Origami.
According to the editors, 2016 is going to become the year of bend and fold and the fever has started with the wonderful Ted talk given by mathematician and expert in Origami Robert Lang and that it has the incredible figure of two million viewings:
Also there are several books that can be found about this art: Zen Doodle Origami, Carolyn Scrace Illustrator is one of them, but there are also combining the work of coloring with the bend, such as Colour-gami: Colour and Fold Your Way to Calm or Zen Origami: 20 modular forms for meditation and calm. Titles which we hope will soon translate into Spanish and provide us with hours of entertainment and Zen.
Origami was born in 17TH-century Japan and the word comes from Japanese “ori”, which means “bend”, and the word “kami”, which means “paper. The objective is as simple: create figures in three dimensions by doubling a sensitive sheet of paper without using scissors or glue in the process.
For Origami enthusiasts, one of the wonderful things of this art is that you only need to follow a few simple instructions step by step to achieve amazing results, without having a special skill or training. Something as simple as taking the time to go by slowly bending a sheet of paper can be very relaxing. The world disappears to your around and you just concentrate on your hands and that piece of paper. This unique combination of creativity and follow the rules to the millimeter dan much peace to those who practice it.
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