Build Your Own Home Cinema With a Multimedia Player and the Right Furniture

Have you ever thought about setting up your own home theater at home? With the right planning, you’ll feel like you’re in the cinema – as often and as long as you want. The best prerequisite for this is a multimedia player, because this saves you the chaos of different devices and countless cables. We also provide tips for the right furniture – have fun with it!

From the video recorder to the DVD to the multimedia player: a journey through time

While the youngest generation can hardly remember it, VHS cassettes were part of everyday life for the older generation. Rewinding, gluing the damaged tape and sometimes accidentally dubbing your favorite film – those were the lovable quirks we were allowed to deal with back then. To see luxury baroque wallpapers, please check necessaryhome.

VHS cassettes were replaced by DVDs, which in turn were updated by Blu-rays. This increased data capacity, data rate and thus the quality in which films could be played.

However, a common disadvantage of all these playback devices is the lack of connectivity to the Internet, PCs and smartphones. At a time when a lot of data is being sent and stored online, this is a real shortcoming. The multimedia player clears this last hurdle – the perfect basis for home cinema.

Build Your Own Home Cinema

Multimedia players and TV go hand in hand

A multimedia player is connected to the TV via an HDMI cable and allows you to show different media on your TV in this way – for example videos, music or pictures. You can also display pictures from your smartphone on the TV via WLAN or stream films from the Internet. In addition to the wireless interface, some multimedia players also have a USB port. Additional devices, such as digital cameras, can be connected to these. Sometimes there is even an SD card slot.

Once the multimedia player and TV are connected, the foundation for your home cinema is laid. This has some advantages:

  • You save yourself the purchase of various individual devices.
  • The “cable clutter” is limited to a few connections.
  • Loudspeakers, projectors, etc. only need to be paired with a single device.

Armchairs, sofas & Co. for home cinema

Once the technical equipment is in place, you can now take care of the furniture for your private cinema. Classics are real cinema seats with the typical armrests including cup holders. You can sometimes buy such seats cheaply, for example if a cinema is being modernized in your area. You can also occasionally find these treasures at flea markets or in advertising portals on the Internet.

If that’s not the case, custom-made furniture will help you set everything up just the way you like it. You can use them to create armchairs for your home cinema that fulfill all your wishes: Fine leather or bright red upholstery like in the cinema? Wide seat and gigantic armrests? Or do you prefer something more traditional? Perhaps you would like to equip your home cinema with a sofa so that several people can be seated on it at the same time, or you can cuddle a little for two at a movie night.

You can store your multimedia player in a TV cabinet that fits your existing room concept perfectly: shiny white and modern or in bright colors to create a luxurious cinema look. Why don’t you design your TV cabinet in such a way that, in addition to the multimedia player, there is also space for a projector, loudspeaker system and any other devices?

You can fine-tune your home cinema with the following final tips:

  1. Laying cables aesthetically: Even if it is a bit complicated at first, you will always be happy that you have laid cables under the carpet, along the walls or invisibly behind the TV cabinet and have spared yourself an annoying tripping hazard .
  2. Choosing the right distance: When planning, consider the distance a projector needs to be from the screen. Short-distance projectors get by with a distance of about one meter. For yourself: Place your seating at a distance from the screen that is about 1.5 to 2 times the screen width.
  3. Snacks like in the cinema: Have you ever thought about a popcorn machine? You can buy smaller versions cheaply these days, and with the smell of fresh popcorn, your home cinema is really perfect.