Box Spring Bed: Luxurious Sleeping Space

In this country, we usually only know them from hotels, but the sleeping comfort is already a legend: Box spring beds are real luxury objects: sleeping space and high-quality decorative furnishings in one. We’ll tell you where the box spring bed got its name from and what advantages it has over beds with slatted frames. You will also find the right tips for furnishing with box spring beds here. To see decorative splash guard for the kitchen, please check bestcraftblog.

The box spring bed trend from America

The box spring bed originally comes from the USA – there it is already part of the standard furnishings. The English word “spring” means “spring” – and that’s exactly what it’s all about: The bottom layer of a box spring bed consists of a frame (the “box”) with the characteristic springs. The actual mattress, which is available in different versions, lies on top of it.

There is also an optional “topper”, a thin mattress that relieves pressure and is also easier to clean than the thick mattress underneath. Box spring beds with a topper are referred to as the “Scandinavian variant”, while the models that only have a thick mattress are considered the “American variant”. A box spring bed is usually slightly raised on feet so that the air can circulate well. This prevents moisture accumulation and thus mold growth.

Box Spring Bed

And what is so special about the box spring bed?

Box spring beds have their price, but they make up for it with their high quality, comfort and practicality: They are particularly durable and also extremely stable. When children are romping on the bed, a slat in a slatted frame can break. With a box spring bed, nothing happens unless it gets too wild. Therefore, this bed is a good choice for families.

Seniors also appreciate box spring beds because they are higher than ordinary beds due to their modular design. This makes lying down and getting up easier in old age and with restricted mobility.

Last but not least, many people report that they sleep better in a box spring bed. That is certainly a question of taste – but it is not for nothing that you will usually find box spring beds in hotel rooms.

Tip: If only the height is decisive for your decision about a new bed, you can simply have your bed made in your desired height.

Furnish cleverly with box spring beds

A box spring bed is more than just a commodity. Thanks to the headboard, which is usually very lavish, it also becomes a decorative element that you can adapt perfectly to your living concept. Should the headboard be made of fabric or leather? Cream, dark red or black? Easy to care for or above all comfortable? It’s your choice.

For a small bedroom , a narrower box spring bed – around 140 × 200 cm – is a good choice. Not only does it look luxurious, but it can even function as a soft room divider , separating the sleeping and living areas in a small apartment. A box spring bed with a bed box also gives you plenty of additional storage space. This is how you use the height of the bed perfectly.

Wider box spring beds from 160 × 200 cm bring the typical hotel flair with them. They deserve a central place in your bedroom and are welcome to protrude conspicuously into the room. Be sure to match the headboard to the rest of your furnishings so that the bed and wardrobe or shelving systems fit together.

In any case, large box spring beds from 180 × 200 cm dominate the room in which they are located. It is therefore a good idea to set up the bedroom in such a way that the bed becomes the focal point – a sleeping oasis for relaxed nights. Of course, the bigger the bed, the more important it becomes to match the decor. Don’t forget to choose the feet to match the design as well. Such a large and luxurious bed can also be lavishly furnished with textiles such as throws and blankets.

Another practical tip: In the case of box spring beds measuring 160 × 200 cm or 180 × 200 cm, the lying surface usually consists of two separate mattresses. With a topper you cover the gap between the mattresses, creating a single, wide and comfortable lying surface.

Box Spring Bed