Becomes The New Snapdragon 205, 4G Debuts at Ranges Lower for Qualcomm

Economic phones also evolve, and while often employ components that higher ranges have been discarded in favour of other more modern, also boast platforms dedicated as the new chip that Qualcomm has placed in circulation. Because Qualcomm wants to now we call them mobile platforms and not processors, We will see if that idea just or not catching on in media and users.
In full by the limited availability of the 835 Snapdragon, and fever with all waiting to be revealed the Snapdragon 660 whose first leaks have cut off the breath, Qualcomm puts into circulation a new low-end chip. Specifically, a new range 200, 205 Snapdragon processor, arriving to offer advanced services over LTE networks to countries developing, although certainly not late to set up on phones with international distribution.

So the new Snapdragon 205

The new Snapdragon 205 brings to the table a configuration of two A53 Cortex cores to 1, 1 GHz, built with 28 nm technology. To lend a hand to this CPU you have a graphic House brand, a 304 Adreno that will offer support for OpenGL ES 3.0. In general, it’s an underpowered CPU but whose main attraction will be the modem.
Specifically, in support to LTE category 4, up to 150Mbps, It will go a little further. The modem is a 5 X LTE Global Mode that will both VoLTE and VoWIFI users service. Calls over LTE data and calls over WiFi networks, something just seen on these categories of smartphones that Snapdragon 205 is destined to feed.
The Snapdragon 205 was born to carry Services Advanced LTE, VoLTE as, to cheaper phones on the market, including feature phones
In terms of support of memories to equip the processor, manufacturers who assemble this Snapdragon 205 be used LPDDR2 RAM and LPDDR3 to a maximum of 384 MHz, and internal storages eMMC 4.5, all driven by an internal software based on Linux, as other models made so far by Qualcomm.
This 205 Snapdragon can with up to 3 megapixel rear camera and front camera with VGA, a DSP resolution very low range that will also be able to manage displays with VGA resolution and no trace of the ability to connect external displays. As for video, 480 p at 30 fps encoded in H.264 and MP4, although you can play HD.
This new Snapdragon connectivity becomes marked by the advanced LTE which we mentioned earlier, but also be able to offer WiFi, 4.1 Bluetooth, ANT +, FM radio, GPS with GLONASS and the support of emergency geoposicionado, Assisted GPS. New Qualcomm chip must be available for the second quarter of this 2017.

Snapdragon 205, summary characteristics

CPU 2-core A53 1, 1 GHz and 28 nm
GPU Adreno 304 supporting OpenGL ES 3.0
Video Record in 480 p
Play in 720 p
Connectivity Category 4 with VoLTE
WiFi with VoWiFi
4.1 Bluetooth
FM radio
Load fast No
Cameras 3 megapixel rear
Front VGA