Be Finished Cyanogen OS, The Commercial Version of CyanogenMOD Lets Step a Cyanogen Now

The Cyanogen team took too standing time. The latest news relating to your commercial operating system were not too flattering though its free version, the famous CyanogenMOD ROM, followed its normal course. The new contracts to continue to expand its operating system failed and rumors then began to jump around the developer, despite their denials.
It was a possibility that had been long over the company, especially when they started the layoffs at its headquarters and all of them directly attacked the core of its business operating system. Cyanogen has decided to officially cease development of Cyanogen OS, the modified version of Android that adapted to some manufacturers. The path of your operating system ends here.

Goodbye to Cyanogen OS with an official statement

Yesterday jumped the news media that responsible for Cyanogen Inc, its CEo Kirt McMaster, had been invited to leave the company to put in place to Tal Lior, a former Executive of Facebook who came to the company in June of this same 2016. With the change in the person in charge of the commercial side of Cyanogen hinted that the official statement could occur later or earlier. Especially knowing that its main support in its origins, Oneplus, already opted to develop its own ROM, and even Lenovo walked away to the road of Cyanogen Zuk.
It has finally arrived, and the company has announced that it has done everything that had to do with Cyanogen OS and that the project has proved to be a disappointment. Things were already going badly when Cyanogen announced 30 layoffs that were almost 20% of its workforce at the time. Now we know that We will not see more terminals with Cyanogen OS on the market.
McMaster mail, now outside the company, that was leaked to the media and announced to its employees that the division responsible for placing Cyanogen OS models from different manufacturers was not profitable. Reactivate the Cyanogen business then became a tipping point when it comes to continue its activity, and not solve the problem It ended the cancelled project.

Now, Cyanogen Now

The closure of the line of business of Cyanogen OS does not imply from the company will be more layoffs, at least there are no rumours about this nor any statement regarding this part of the company. In fact, in the same statement in which it announced the closure of a line is mentioned the opening of a new road to Cyanogen. Get Cyanogen Now.
Seems that Cyanogen intends not to waste the work done with its operating system, OS Cyanogen, but dismantle it to turn it on a modular system that each manufacturer can be adapted to your taste to complement the ROMs of its terminals. That would allow each manufacturer to obtain the complete Android experience more Cyanogen additives. Like, for example, the camera.
The own Cyanogen Cyanogen MODs describes as smart features that can be built around the Android experience. Some of Cyanogen OS already implemented can be easily extracted and adapted for your future Cyanogen Now, as integration with Skype in phone mercador or camera Hyperlapse to improve the experience with videos.
There is more information from Cyanogen about his future project, Cyanogen Now, what what now is wait for progress to occur in this regard. And, above all, all this fuss about the commercial side of the company do not alter the natural course of your ROM, CyanogenMOD, although lack of agility demonstrate this comes for some time.