Balcony Plants – Green Oasis in the City

Unfortunately, not all of us have a garden or large property where he or she can employ a gardener of our own. But that does not mean that we should do without beautiful flowers or special plants, especially in summer. Because a carefully planted balcony can make up for a lot. Even if the holiday should be canceled this year, you can conjure up your own small landscape with relatively simple means and a little know-how. You can do some things wrong and many things right. Basically, of course, the following applies: what you like is right. But plants are living things and there are a few basic things you should know to avoid major disappointments. To see decorative table foils, please check bestcraftblog.

What you should consider when planting

Let’s first deal with what needs to happen before the actual planting. We definitely need one or more flower boxes. When in doubt, you should opt for larger models,so that the soil does not dry out so quickly. And while we’re on the subject of soil: it’s worth investing a little money in a high-quality soil. Cheap soil is often poorly composted and separated, so there may be garbage residue in it. Well separated and composted soil also has a better water storage capacity. Before we start planting, we should look at the calendar. The deadline is May 16, the so-called “Ice Saints”. After this day there will be no more frost with a probability bordering on certainty. And just very popular balcony plants such as begonias, daisies or, the classic, the geranium are very sensitive to frost.

Balcony Plants

Sun and shade: The location is crucial

Knowing the nature of a plant also plays a major role in dividing up the balcony. Find out which flower needs sun and which needs shade. From my own experience, it makes things easier if you think about this BEFORE planting. For example, fuchsias and begonias need shade, while geraniums prefer a sunny spot. So you should not plant plants that are too high on the balcony. They can easily snap or take the sun away from other flowers. This problem can easily be remedied with a nice, large plant pot placed on the ground.

So now we have the right window box, the right soil and the right plants. Now it’s time to sow. The following applies here: even if you have the feeling that you were born with a green thumb, stick to the information on the packaging. That really makes sense. Also, be careful not to sow too closely. With plants that are already established, it is important that they have a well-developed root system. Otherwise they may die very quickly.

I hope you enjoy your discovery of flora and fauna!

Balcony Plants