Bahamas Geography and Climate

Holidays in the Bahamas will leave a lot of impressions. Of course, because where else can you swim with dolphins, feed sharks, watch the colorful underwater world of coral reefs. Beautiful nature, rare animals in nature reserves, sandy beaches and the blue ocean are perfectly combined with luxury hotels, shops, restaurants, bars and discos. The Bahamas is a true paradise. But rest is available here only to very wealthy people. For many decades now, the British and American elite have been coming here.

The most favorable time to visit the Bahamas is from November to May. At this time, the least amount of precipitation falls and it is not so hot.

The official language of the Bahamas is English. It is spoken by almost the entire population of the country.

Geography in in Bahamas

According to top-engineering-schools, Bahamas are located in the west of the Atlantic Ocean, at the latitude of the Northern Tropic, near the American continent (100 km from the Florida peninsula). These are about 700 islands, with a total area of 13.9 thousand square kilometers, and only 30 of them are inhabited. Most of the islands are coral reefs. From the east, the Bahamas are washed by the warm current of the Gulf Stream. The islands are raised relative to the ocean level from a few meters to about 60 meters. The highest point of the country – 63 m, is located on the island of Cat. The relief of the islands is flat. On the shores facing the ocean, a series of marine terraces can be traced. On the west coast there are many salty lagoons, as well as karst lakes and swamps. In places, a strip of sandy beaches stretches along the coast. There are no rivers in the archipelago.

Climate in Bahamas

The climate here is subtropical, very mild. The influence of the warm current of the Gulf Stream, as well as the constantly blowing southeast wind from the equator (trade wind) affects. Throughout the year, average monthly temperatures do not fall below +20 degrees. The coolest thing is in January, when at night the temperature drops to +17 degrees, in the daytime it reaches +25 degrees. The hottest time of the year is July, August. The average minimum temperature at this time drops to +24 degrees, the maximum reaches +32 degrees. The driest months are February and March, with a monthly rainfall of about 40 mm. The rainiest time of the year is the period from May to October, in which the monthly amount of precipitation ranges from 150 to 220 mm. At this time, tropical hurricanes are possible, characteristic of the entire Caribbean region.

Best time to visit:
The most favorable time to visit the Bahamas is from November to May. At this time, the least amount of precipitation falls and it is not so hot.

What to See in in Bahamas

Excursions organized for tourists are mainly connected with acquaintance with the islands of the archipelago, with their pristine nature, flora and fauna, as well as with the rich underwater world of the Atlantic Ocean.

In addition, you can get to know the capital of the Bahamas – Nassau better on a city tour. This is the historical part of the city, where Fort Charlotte and Parliament Square are located, old buildings and buildings of recent years, the tour includes a walk through the straw market. You can visit the Atlantis complex – one of the largest open-air aquariums.

Of great interest are excursions to the Adastra Gardens botanical garden, the Garden of the Grows, the Rand Memorial Park, the Preacher’s Cave and an excursion to the international bazaar in Freeport.

A trip to an artificial coral island will leave a lot of impressions, because this is a real marine reserve.

A cruise along the coastal waters and lagoons of New Providence is good for relaxing. There are trips to nearby uninhabited islands where you can swim, sunbathe, snorkel, etc.

Bahamas Geography