Accommodation for Studying in the USA Part III

Flat share and apartment costs in the USA

In the next month in the US, there are large differences from state to state and even within individual cities.

While the average rental cost for a studio in Minneapolis is around US $ 750, tenants in San Diego pay around double that (US $ 1500). In general, the average costs for the United States are as follows:

  • 1 bedroom apartment in the city center: around US $ 1200 per month
  • 1 bedroom apartment outside: around US $ 900 per month

There are also additional costs for gas, electricity and water. US $ 150 per month is a guideline for an 85m² apartment. In addition, the cost of food, internet and, if necessary, transport must be included in the cost calculation. Since apartments in the US are usually unfurnished, there are also costs for purchasing furniture. It is also customary in the USA to pay a deposit of one month’s rent when signing the rental agreement.

A room in a shared apartment as accommodation for studying in the USA is the cheapest form of living in terms of rent. The average monthly rental cost is US $ 450-600 per person. Here, too, there are ancillary costs and costs for the Internet connection, which are, however, shared among the flat-share residents.

Advantages and disadvantages of an apartment or a shared flat as accommodation for studying in the USA

Advantages Disadvantage
Rental costs for rooms in shared apartments lowest on average Sometimes greater distance to campus and therefore higher transport costs
More privacy and tranquility than in the dormitory Less flexibility due to the distance to the campus
Greater independence: no rules and regulations like in a student residence or with a host family Less planning security and possibly a stressful apartment search directly after arrival
Possibility to choose the roommates yourself Risk of hidden additional costs
Flat share as a good starting point to get to know different parts of the city Apartments mostly unfurnished
Chance to find American roommates No permanent contact persons like in the Studentenwonheim or with a host family
Partly greater mobility for roommates with a car Sometimes no short-term rental agreements are possible
Looking for an apartment on site is possible with better local knowledge It may be more difficult to contact you, especially with students who live alone

Accommodation with a host family while studying in the USA

Homestay programs are explicitly aimed at international students and offer the opportunity to live with a host family while studying in the USA. Such programs are popular with teenagers and younger students, for example in the course of an academic gap year or a semester stay in the USA. For many younger students, this is their first long stay abroad without parents. Therefore, they feel more comfortable in a family environment than in a student residence or a shared apartment.

Some universities in the USA offer their own homestay programs and refer interested students to families in the area. For example, semester students at CSU Fullerton can register for the Cultural Homestay Program and choose one of several meal plans. You can choose from one to three meals a day with the family. In addition, there is a no-board program that gives students more flexibility in terms of meal times.

Other possible contact points for homestay programs in the USA are Internet portals such as There is also a Council for International Visitors in numerous US cities. In many cases, they offer support in finding local host families. Learn more about USA and North America on computergees.

Homestay cost in the US

The cost of homestay programs in the US varies from provider to provider and depends on where you live and what type of meal plan you have. General counts accommodation with a host family but to cheaper accommodation options in the US. This is because students usually do not have to pay any additional costs such as ancillary costs or internet costs. In the case of homestay programs with a meal plan, there are also no costs for daily meals. The guideline for homestay programs in the USA is US $ 550-1000 per month.

Advantages and disadvantages of a host family as accommodation for studying in the USA

Advantages Disadvantage
Best and easiest way to immerse yourself in American culture Possible additional travel costs due to the distance to the campus
Daily practice of the English language Less independence than in a shared apartment or student residence
Usually cheaper living than in a student dormitory (internet and ancillary costs are usually included in the price) Uncertainty about the host family in advance
On request, complete catering by the host family Involvement in student life on campus is not always guaranteed
Partly driving service to the university is included in the all-inclusive price
Secure accommodation before starting your studies
Chance to get to know life outside of university

Accommodation for Studying in the USA Part III