A Sofa with Perfect Dimensions for Living Room

The sofa is the relaxation center of your living room. In the soft upholstery you will find peace and you can make yourself really comfortable – provided your sofa fits your needs perfectly! We will tell you what is important when buying a sofa and what dimensions you should definitely have on hand.

The perfect made-to-measure sofa: This is what it looks like

The perfect sofa not only looks great, it is also wonderfully comfortable, can withstand a lot and is optimally tailored to your needs. After all, this is where you spend the best time of the day. You relax after a hard day’s work, watch a romantic movie with your partner or host a game night with your loved ones. In short: Your sofa gives your home a cozy focal point and combines aesthetics and comfort in the most beautiful way. Luckily, with our online configurator , it only takes a few clicks to find the perfect couch. With us you can design your own individual sofa exactly according to your ideas. To see your personal photo as an effective wall decoration, please check necessaryhome.

In order for you to be able to do this as best as possible, however, there are still a few questions to be answered: What demands do you have on your sofa? Would you like to use it alone or should several people be able to sit comfortably? Should the sofa be an additional bed? Depending on the intended use, different sizes, cuts and dimensions can be used for your sofa. So what suits you best?

A Sofa with Perfect Dimensions for Living Room

1-seater, 2-seater or 3-seater sofa? The perfect dimensions for every room

Do you like receiving guests? Then a 3-seater sofa with the right dimensions will quickly become a cozy feel-good zone in your living room. With its practical size, the 3-seater fits into most room sizes and immediately invites you to relax. The three of you can sit comfortably next to each other – the two of you can enjoy the end of the day stretched out wonderfully.

Do you have a large living room? Then you can also arrange the 3-seater sofa wonderfully with a matching armchair or another 2-seater to create a cozy seating area that immediately becomes an eye-catcher. Would you like a particularly casual lounge atmosphere? Then just put two sofas opposite each other! This arrangement enables relaxed eye contact between your guests and thus stimulates communication.

Of course, with the right dimensions, the 3-seater sofa also works well as a single seating element in a smaller living room. The 3-seater is placed directly against the wall in a particularly space-saving manner – in the middle of the room it can be used practically for optical room division.

If a 3-seater sofa is too big for your room, a 2-seater sofa or a 1-seater sofa is a space-saving alternative. Sofas with feet look particularly airy due to the gap between the seat and the floor and are therefore wonderful in smaller apartments.

Tip: You are unsure which sofa size would fit well in your room? Just place some boxes or blankets on the floor according to the sofa dimensions and see if you can move around the room without any problems. Our measuring instructions will also help you.

The most important questions about sofa dimensions

Have you decided on the ideal size? Then it’s time for the finishing touches to make your new sofa really perfect. Answer the following questions:

  • Are the people who will mainly use the sofa rather tall or short?
  • Is the sofa primarily used for sitting or lying down?
  • Do you prefer to sit up straight or do you want to lean back and relax?

Choose the right sofa measurements for the seat height

Do you mainly use your sofa as a “seating sofa”, for example for reading or working? Then a seat height of 49 cm is ideal for you. A backrest of at least 45 cm fits perfectly: it supports your back optimally.

Do you prefer to lean back on your sofa to watch TV or have a power nap? Then a lower seat height of 44 cm in combination with a backrest of 39 cm is particularly comfortable for you.

Tip: A model with movable back cushions or variable headrests that can be positioned as desired is particularly flexible.

Sofa dimensions: explanation of the different dimensions for width and depth

While the measurements for the seat height and backrest are relatively easy to determine, there is an important distinction to be made when it comes to the measurements for width and depth.

A distinction is made here between the dimensions for the seat width (i.e. the inside dimensions that are available for you to sit on) and the total width including the backrests. With a pure seat width of around 60 cm per person, you are on the safe side: every guest has enough space.

When it comes to depth, a distinction is also made between the seat depth and the total depth including the backrest. Ideally, the seat depth should be such that you can lean back comfortably and put your legs up at right angles without arching your back. A depth of 52 to 55 cm has proven itself for this purpose.

Our conclusion: These are the ideal sofa dimensions

Persons Seat width Sitzhöhe backrest (sitting) backrest (loungers)
1 60 cm 44-49 cm About 45cm 39 cm
2 120 cm 44-49 cm About 45cm 39 cm
3 180 cm 44-49 cm About 45cm 39 cm

You can design your own personal sofa according to your measurements, from the comfort of your own home. Size, colour, cover: determine all the parameters in our online configurator so that your sofa perfectly suits your needs. You can always rely on our first-class service and our outstanding material quality. We give you our word on that – and a 5-year guarantee .

A Sofa with Perfect Dimensions for Living Room