A Judge Overrides The Indemnification Millionaire to a 'Patent Troll' on The Part of Apple and Requires The Repetition of Judgment

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It was without doubt one of the hottest compensation: VirnetX, a known ‘patent troll’ (those companies that build up patents to sue then brands without having a specific activity) reported to Apple for alleged infringement of patents to iMessage and FaceTime account. The Court recognized the demand and ruled that Apple should pay $ 626 million to the applicant company.
As well, the judge He has cancelled the sentence and orders the repetition of the trial, in this case you must celebrate in separate pieces, and not a single demand as it raised VirnetX. In short, those of Cupertino for the moment will not have to pay this million dollar compensation and spades back in high.

In September, turned to the courts

What has happened so that the topic has turned so unexpected? Apparently, the claimant signing would have passed from braking at the trial to present to the jury his triumphs in previous sentences to the signing of the Apple. This fact, according to the judge, would have been able to influence the jury in such a way that it would have predisposed against Tim Cook, denaturing the sentence.
But the judge went still further, explaining that not necessary, as you have advanced, submit demands in a piece, but it is of two separate issues: on the one hand the demand of VirnetX for patent infringement relating to the VPN on-demand (VOD), and on the other, related to FaceTime. In September the first of the views held and as you noted, becomes the starting square.