A Benchmark Record in The Middle Range Anticipates The Arrival of The Snapdragon 660

Long time that Qualcomm was not inaugurating a new family of processors within its already on its extensive catalogue. It is not that you’ve done this already but it takes time in anticipation of the arrival of the Snapdragon 660, a processor that should be locked in the “super middle range”, flying above the 653 Snapdragon which will put into circulation a few months ago.
We knew of its existence and hour think know which power will be able to play, as he has been responsible to leave patent in a benchmark that appeared online. As always, the benchmarks must be take with caution as We do not know what amount of RAM accompanies the processor at the time of the test, or if the phone manufacturer has overclocked the chip to attract more media attention. However, the result of this future AnTuTu Snapdragon 660 us impressed.

More than 100,000 points

Spectacular figures, certainly, marked by this 660 Snapdragon which has not yet seen the light, and that also helps us to know in which device is being tested as the filtered photo shows a smartphone of tests with a standard housing. Some rumours spoke of Snapdragon 660 could get on Board of a new Xiaomi, but it is information that remains in the air for now.
More than 100,000 points earned this 660 Snapdragon in AnTuTu according to the filtered photo. Specifically, 105.576 points in a performance test for which its predecessor chip, Snapdragon 653, obtained figures close to 90,000 points, so that we could talk about, without knowing the rest of the equipment, we have a gross 15% performance increase, approximately.
It is not bad for a chip that, according to leaks that we have compiled so far, would come with eight cores with two clusters of four, with the classic big configuration. LITTLE. We would talk of core Cortex A73 and Cortex A53 for high and low efficiency, and a 512 Adreno GPU, which in addition to being completely new, would have the task happen to the 510 mounted on the Snapdragon 653.
This 660 future of Qualcomm would be compatible with memory LPDDR4X to 1866 MHz and with internal storage UFS 2.1, data to take into account when assessing this record score obtained in AnTuTu. Would also offer LTE category 10 and support for up to 24 Megapixel cameras. All a beast for the range average built in 14 nanometers and that must be about to debut on the market.
We look forward to from Qualcomm formalized the existence This future processor, or that we know more about it from other more advanced leak but the truth is that there is little to know of it. Date of arrival to the market and who will be the first to use it in a configuration for sale. Looming a great year for the super medium ranges, feel it in the air.