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Georgia Terrell County Public Schools

Search for public K-12 schools in Terrell County? Congratulations! You have come to the right website where we provide a comprehensive list of all public schools including pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, elementary and high schools. Just scroll down to see these public schools in Terrell County, Georgia.

County Profile

Incorporated: February 16, 1856

Population: 10,970

Total Area: 335.5 Square miles

Cities and Towns

• Dawson (County Seat)

• Bronwood
• Parrott
• Sasser

Terrell County was carved from portions of Randolph and Lee counties in 1856. Georgia's 113th county was named for Dr. William Terrell of Sparta, who had served in both the state legislature and Congress.

Shortly after Atlanta's capture in the Civil War, Governor Joseph E. Brown arranged for a refugee camp at Dawson to shelter some 300 women and children who had fled the city. The "Exile Camp" was later used to house a detachment of 50 Union soldiers assigned to keep order in the area. Their kind behavior toward local citizens was long noted by the community.

The Battle of Echouanotchaway Swamp was fought here in 1836. This battle was part of the Creek Indian uprisings after the burning of Richmond.

Once virtually a ghost town, historic Parrott has been reborn. This historic downtown offers many unique showing experiences. Parrott, a picturesque little town has been used for several western movies including "The Long Riders".

There are two sites listed on the National Register of Historic Places. These are the Terrell County Courthouse and the Garden Club House.

Another interesting building is the Chickasawhatchee Primitive Baptist Church which was built in 1858. It is the oldest church still standing on its original site in Terrell County.

The annual tour of historic homes, sponsored by the Dawson Restoration Society, is held the first Saturday in May featuring Victorian architecture at its best.

Dawson is in the process of renovating the downtown historic district. A tour of homes, held every May allows visitors to see the inside of some of the city's antebellum and Victorian style homes.

Terrell County is one of about 3,141 counties and county equivalents in the United States. It has 335.4 sq. miles in land area and a population density of 30.8 per square mile. In the last three decades of the 1900s its population declined by 3.9%. On the 2000 census form, 99.3% of the population reported only one race, with 60.7% of these reporting African-American. The population of this county is 1.2% Hispanic (of any race). The average household size is 2.69 persons compared to an average family size of 3.18 persons.

In 2008 manufacturing was the largest of 20 major sectors. It had an average wage per job of $27,804. Per capita income grew by 16.9% between 1998 and 2008 (adjusted for inflation).


People & Income Overview
(By Place of Residence)
Value Industry Overview (2008)
(By Place of Work)
Population (2009) 10,320 Covered Employment 2,403
   Growth (%) since 1990 -3.1%    Average wage per job $28,091
Households (2000) 4,002 Manufacturing - % all jobs in County 18.8%
Labor Force (persons) (2009) 4,438    Average wage per job $27,804
Unemployment Rate (2009) 10.0 Transportation & Warehousing - % all jobs in County 0.8%
Per Capita Personal Income (2008) $27,078    Average wage per job $42,207
Median Household Income (2008) $31,151 Health Care, Social Assist. - % all jobs in County D
Poverty Rate (2008) 28.9    Average wage per job D
H.S. Diploma or More - % of Adults 25+ (2000) 64.5 Finance and Insurance - % all jobs in County 4.4%
Bachelor's Deg. or More - % of Adults 25+ (2000) 10.7    Average wage per job $42,223



Address: 761 1st Ave SE, Dawson, GA 39842
Phone: (229) 995-5451
County: Terrell County
Enrollment: 359 3-5

Address: P.O. Box 151, Dawson, GA 39842
Phone: (229) 995-2843
County: Terrell County
Enrollment: 451
Grades: PK-2

Address: 201 Greenwave Blvd, Dawson, GA 39842
Phone: (229) 995-2544
County: Terrell County
Enrollment: 380
Grades: 9-12

Address: 201 Greenwave Blvd, Dawson, GA 39842
Phone: (229) 995-2086
County: Terrell County
Enrollment: 325
Grades: 6-8

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