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Georgia Ben Hill County Public Schools

Search for public K-12 schools in Ben Hill County? Congratulations! You have come to the right website where we provide a comprehensive list of all public schools including pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, elementary and high schools. Just scroll down to see these public schools in Ben Hill County, Georgia.

County Profile

Incorporated: July 31, 1906

Population: 17,484

Total Area: 251.8 Square miles

Cities and Towns

• Fitzgerald (County Seat)
• Bowens Mill
• Queensland
• Westwood

Ben Hill County was created in 1906, from Irwin and Wilcox counties, and was named for Benjamin Harvey Hill, U.S. Senator from Georgia, a Whig leader, and a staunch opponent of Reconstruction.

The Historic District on South Lee and South Main streets in Fitzgerald is listed on the National Register. The old railroad depot is now home to the Blue/Gray Museum.

The county has only one incorporated city, Fitzgerald, which was founded by former Union soldiers on a 50,000 acre tract owned by the non-profit American Tribune Soldiers Colony Company. The citizens of Fitzgerald, pledging unity with their former enemies, named streets after leaders of both armies. The early concentration of population in the city aided the county's industrial development. The colony also founded the first public school in Georgia to offer free books and tuition.

Fitzgerald and Ben Hill County maintain nine recreational parks and one river access park at the Ocmulgee River. These facilities offer playgrounds, team sports, natural areas, meeting and concert shelters, and public boat ramps.

Events include the Blues and Grays Festival in October, the Ebony-in-Arts Festival in the Spring, Colony City Chase in October and the Fourth of July Celebration.

Ben Hill County is one of 159 counties in Georgia. It has 251.8 sq. miles in land area and a population density of 69.8 per square mile. In the last three decades of the 1900s its population grew by 32.7%. On the 2000 census form, 99.2% of the population reported only one race, with 32.6% of these reporting African-American. The population of this county is 4.6% Hispanic (of any race). The average household size is 2.57 persons compared to an average family size of 3.09 persons.

In 2008 manufacturing was the largest of 20 major sectors. It had an average wage per job of $31,175. Per capita income grew by 0.5% between 1998 and 2008 (adjusted for inflation).


People & Income Overview
(By Place of Residence)
Value Industry Overview (2008)
(By Place of Work)
Population (2009) 17,567 Covered Employment 6,827
   Growth (%) since 1990 8.1%    Average wage per job $26,277
Households (2000) 6,673 Manufacturing - % all jobs in County 24.3%
Labor Force (persons) (2009) 7,202    Average wage per job $31,175
Unemployment Rate (2009) 15.3 Transportation & Warehousing - % all jobs in County 3.1%
Per Capita Personal Income (2008) $25,925    Average wage per job $36,753
Median Household Income (2008) $31,091 Health Care, Social Assist. - % all jobs in County D
Poverty Rate (2008) 23.2    Average wage per job D
H.S. Diploma or More - % of Adults 25+ (2000) 65.8 Finance and Insurance - % all jobs in County 4.2%
Bachelor's Deg. or More - % of Adults 25+ (2000) 9.5    Average wage per job $35,627


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1. BEN HILL County
Address: 327 Dewey Mcglamry Rd, Fitzgerald, GA 31750
Phone: (229) 409-5586
County: Ben Hill County
Enrollment: 740 3-5

2. BEN HILL County
Address: 134 Jc Hunter Rd, Fitzgerald, GA 31750
Phone: (229) 409-5578
County: Ben Hill County
Enrollment: 724
Grades: 6-8

3. BEN HILL County
Address: 221 Jc Hunter Rd, Fitzgerald, GA 31750
Phone: (229) 409-5592
County: Ben Hill County
Enrollment: 1,040
Grades: PK-2

Address: P.O. Box 389, Fitzgerald, GA 31750
Phone: (229) 409-5530
County: Ben Hill County
Enrollment: 861
Grades: 9-12

Address: 405 North Longstreet Street, Fitzgerald, GA 31750
Phone: (229) 409-5598
County: Ben Hill County
Enrollment: N/A
Grades: 0

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