7 Bedroom Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Do you suffer from restless sleep? The culprit is often the way the bedroom is set up, which can have a negative impact on the body and psyche. We have compiled the 7 most common bedroom decorating mistakes for you, so that you can adapt your decor and soon enjoy your well-deserved night’s sleep.

On average, we spend eight hours a day in the bedroom. Of that we are about seven hours in Slumberland; we spend the rest of the time tidying up, dressing or changing our clothes, ending the day or enjoying being together with our partner. So it’s no wonder that furnishing errors in the bedroom make themselves felt and can have a negative impact on our peace and balance. Design and atmosphere contribute to the quality of our sleep and well-being and should therefore be well thought out. Here are our top 7 bedroom decorating tips.

1. Typical furnishing mistakes in the bedroom: furniture too big, room too small

Our first tip for furnishing your bedroom: limit yourself to the essentials! Bed , bedside table and wardrobe are the basic equipment. If possible, you should store all other furniture and larger objects elsewhere, because they only fill the room unnecessarily and quickly turn a small bedroom into a sardine can. The constriction also affects your sleep and can increase your stress levels.

In spacious bedrooms you can place large closets without any problems. Due to the large room area, they appear less bulky and not overwhelming. Even if you don’t want to do without a large closet with lots of storage space in a small bedroom, you can still avoid this typical furnishing mistake in the bedroom: integrate your closet inconspicuously into a niche or work in playful fronts as decorative objects. Both are wonderfully possible with a custom-made wardrobe . You can also, for example, place a cupboard with simple fronts and no handles along an entire wall of the room so that the piece of furniture almost looks like a wall.

Another great tip for decorating your bedroom: Use the wall behind your bed for storage. In the rest of the room you can do without bulky furniture and thus get the width of the room.

7 Bedroom Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

2. Don’t let your bedroom become a junk room

Question: What has no place in the bedroom? Answer: drying rack, ironing board, files, tools, desk, laptop, piles of laundry, sports equipment, vacuum cleaner, folding ladder, piles of suitcases… What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of your bedroom? Yes, a typical furnishing mistake in the bedroom!

In smaller apartments in particular, the bedroom is often the only area that visitors do not enter. Do you remember hiding things in the closet and under the bed as a kid? According to the motto “Out of sight, out of mind”? Many still practice nothing else as adults. What nobody should see is dumped in the bedroom. If you do the same, you’re making one of the biggest bedroom decorating mistakes.

No matter how carefully you design your bedroom, if you then fill it up with things that rob the atmosphere of the feel-good factor, all your furnishing efforts will have been in vain. Of course, now you’re going to be wondering where else to put your household stuff. The answer is: Well, into the bedroom – but not just like that! Instead, you put an end to the creeping junk room character with sufficient storage space. A custom closet allows you to designate different areas where items like an ironing board, file folders and vacuum cleaner can be well hidden without compromising a beautiful interior design.

But with all great ideas for the bedroom, keep in mind: Too much decoration can also bring unrest in the room, since many objects also mean many sensory stimuli.

3. Furnish bedrooms without electrosmog and stress triggers

Every eighth German has problems falling asleep. In addition to psychological stress such as a depressed mood or the well-known “thought carousel”, another sleep killer is a home-made problem: the flickering screen. The television, smartphone or notebook may promise relaxation and entertainment in the evening. But making the leap into slumberland in time – only every second person succeeds.

In the last few decades, television has become counting sheep 2.0 for many. In the evening after work you just want to switch off, relax and let yourself be sprinkled until you fall asleep peacefully. The opposite is the case. Sleep experts do not recommend putting a TV in the bedroom. Because falling asleep with flickering and constant noise leads to a less restful sleep with many interruptions. If you avoid this setup mistake in the bedroom and also use the phone or tablet in blue filter mode and put it down in good time, you may soon be able to sleep more peacefully.

Other stress triggers can be mountains of laundry, sports equipment, work documents and household items. They all show you what you might have planned to do that day but didn’t achieve it. This puts you under unnecessary pressure and affects your sleep quality. Instead, focus on arranging your bedroom in such a way that you can look forward to a quiet, detached atmosphere in the evenings.

4. Furniture in the bedroom – and that’s it?

In the living room, flowers, light installations and accessories create a homely atmosphere and a cozy atmosphere. Even in the bathroom, towels and shower mats are coordinated, small decorative bowls create order and add color to the wet room. And in the bedroom?
A common furnishing mistake in the bedroom is neglecting it in terms of design. Even if you spend most of your time here with your eyes closed, the following applies: Collect ideas that will turn your bedroom into an oasis of well-being and allow you to relax! Surround yourself with your favorite pieces – it is worth it to yourself to lovingly design even a small bedroom!

There are also practical tips for furnishing your bedroom so that you feel comfortable in special room situations. You can make extremely high ceilings in an old building more comfortable, for example, with walls in a contrasting color. The color gives the room more depth; a surrounding stucco edge also makes the ceiling appear lower. Low ceilings, on the other hand, can be “stretched” with a light coat of paint and custom-made room-high furniture .

It may sound like a luxury problem at first, but furnishing mistakes are easy to make even in a large bedroom. Minimalism is very trendy, but a large room without furniture quickly looks lost. Then the bedroom seems empty and cold. Therefore, allow yourself to make full use of the space. Choose a spacious bed, for example combine it with a stool at the foot end and a large, heavy rug. Also place a designer armchair or a comfortable sofa in the bedroom. Important: When furnishing your bedroom, include all levels and combine high furniture with low ones.

5. Bedroom decor mistake: floodlights or darkroom

Too bright to sleep, too dark to read – when it comes to lighting, you can make a mistake when it comes to lighting, even in the bedroom. Cozy and warm lighting invites you to relax. However, it is not very helpful for reading or dressing. Festive lighting thanks to bright ceiling spotlights is perfect for dressing, but does not create a cozy atmosphere. Besides, bright streetlights prevent you from falling asleep at night, while closed shutters can cause you to sleep all day due to lack of light.
In order to avoid the typical furnishing mistakes in the bedroom also with regard to light, therefore, pay attention to two main aspects: lighting and blackout.

Lighting in the bedroom: ideas and tips

First you should equip your bedroom with bright basic lighting. You can place ceiling spotlights, wall lights or floor lamps in the room. The lumen value of these lamps should be sufficiently high, because they are responsible for the bright illumination of the room. Ideally, you should be able to turn these lights on and off from your bed. Any reading lamp should not be too dark either, so that your eyes do not tire too much when reading.

Next, to create a cozier atmosphere in the bedroom, place several small light sources around the room. This can be, for example, floor lamps or indirect lighting behind murals or a chest of drawers . The possibilities are endless. However, these light sources should have fewer lumens and emit a warm white light.

A particularly practical idea for your bedroom are dimmable light switches or smart lighting systems. Many lamps can already be controlled via smartphone and offer a wealth of light colors and intensities. But even the well-tried light switch with dimmer has not yet had its day. With it you can turn your bright basic lighting into dim atmospheric light in no time at all.

Also important: When going to the toilet at night, you should use a weak light source so that you can fall asleep again quickly. Also, place your furniture in the bedroom so that you don’t bump into anything or trip over anything while you’re sleepy.

The right darkening in the bedroom

Dense curtains, blinds or roller shutters should ensure that external light sources such as lanterns or car headlights cannot shine into the room at night and that the early morning sun does not tickle you awake with its first rays. Be careful, there is a mistake in the furnishings: the curtains in the bedroom are not light, but opaque or at least dark. Because bright curtains reflect lantern and sunlight and illuminate the room all the more.
If you like waking up with the onset of daylight, you should also make sure that the curtains let in a minimum amount of sunlight.

6. Avoid turning your bed upside down

Unfortunately, there is no single recipe for success for restful sleep thanks to the correct bed position, as personal preferences play a major role here. Many feel uncomfortable with the door behind them, which is due to a psychological phenomenon that has been in our genes for thousands of years: In this case, the exit or escape route is not in view, and a potential attacker cannot get there early enough get discovered. For others, the orientation to the door is not so important, they just like to have a wall next to them or the window close by so that a fresh breeze cools them down at night. However, putting the bed in a corner is sometimes not only impractical when getting in and out of the bed and when making the bed, but also not advisable according to the teachings of Feng Shui.

In any case, the following applies: When setting up the bed, many furnishing mistakes happen in the bedroom, so you should try out what is good for you here. Basically, the bed is the main player in the bedroom and its position determines the further distribution of the bedroom furniture.

Once you have collected a few ideas for your bedroom, you should lie down extensively to try them out. You can also try this in a quick run: simply lie down on the floor with a blanket and pillow in all conceivable places in the room and check how much you like the perspective and what other furniture you can and want to place in the bedroom.

7. Furnishing error in the bedroom: Wrong color choice

You think a little color on the wall can only make the room friendlier and give it that extra cozy atmosphere? Colorful bedding, brightly colored furniture in the bedroom and random decorations should be hip in your bedroom? Unfortunately, it is not that easy to ideally implement your own ideas for the bedroom. Let yourself be inspired by the following tips when furnishing your bedroom!

Observe color theory

You think that’s too scientific? If you want to avoid furnishing mistakes in the bedroom, you should underline the desired relaxing atmosphere with the colors used. Cooler colors such as blue and green tones have a calming effect, give a sense of security and are therefore ideal for the bedroom. Subtle, pastel and warm colors are also well suited. And white is still a classic among bedroom paints.

Choose a few shades

Of course, it’s fun to work with color and use it to design things individually. But even if the result may be very appealing at first glance, it does not necessarily have to contribute to a restful night’s sleep. Too many colored accents in the selection of furniture in the bedroom as well as in the ceiling and wall design also mean a lot of stimuli that can cause unrest in you. Very bright colors and red tones are said to have this effect anyway.

Basically, the color tones of furniture, decoration and materials should be well coordinated so that a harmonious overall composition is created that promotes your relaxation.

If you avoid the mentioned furnishing mistakes in your bedroom , you will definitely come a lot closer to a restful sleep in your own sleeping oasis. Have fun setting up and designing!

7 Bedroom Decorating Mistakes to Avoid