5 Tips for Your Perfect Home Office

More and more people work from home in addition to their workplace in the company. Many even have a job that they pursue exclusively from home. Therefore, a perfectly furnished home office is the optimal solution for them. But what should you pay attention to when designing your home office? And what is better to avoid? We reveal it with our 5 professional tips for a perfectly furnished home office!

1. Optimal lighting conditions

If you are thinking about where in your apartment you would best set up a home office, good lighting conditions are an important factor. Sufficient light is essential for productive work and should therefore not be underestimated. So that you can make optimal use of the most important light source, namely daylight, we recommend a window-near place for the home office. It is also important to have good lighting if daylight alone is not enough. To see beautiful murals for the childrens room, please check necessaryhome.

5 Tips for Your Perfect Home Office

2. Pleasant room climate

A suitable room temperature must be given for a pleasant room climate. This is approximately between 21 °C and 23 °C. In addition, of course, you always need enough fresh air. Beautify your home study with plants! They create a homely atmosphere and at the same time ensure a healthy climate.

3. Proper room design

If you mainly use simple and light colors when designing your study, you create a productive and positive working atmosphere. With decorations you make the room more individual and cozy. Be careful not to use too much decoration or bright colors. Because that can create a restless atmosphere that keeps you from concentrating on your work. The right interior design not only increases your well-being, but also productivity at work.

4. Ergonomic office chair

A high-quality office chair is also very important when setting up your home office. Pay particular attention to flexibility and ergonomics: the backrest and seat height should always be individually adjustable in order to avoid back pain and other complaints.

5. Practical and high-quality study room furniture

Of course, the most important thing for a home office is the furniture in the home office: the right choice of furnishings distinguishes an average home office from an extraordinary home office. When choosing a desk, it is important to ensure that it is large enough to always have the most important work utensils at hand. In addition to a desk, you need shelves or a study cabinet for files, books and small items in the study. They should have enough storage space so that you can really store all your books and files in them. Doors or drawers are helpful so that your office accessories can disappear in an elegant way.

If there is only little space for a home office, we recommend custom-made desks and shelves , because they allow the furnishings to be perfectly adapted to the home workspace. We also have height-adjustable desks in our range that you can adapt perfectly to your height and working position – whether you are sitting or standing. Custom-made furniture can also be configured to suit special spatial situations such as the presence of sloping ceilings or niches, so that you can set up your home office according to your wishes.

And so working from home will still be possible the day after tomorrow

Is your study perfectly furnished? Wonderful. The task now is to maintain this state of affairs in the long term. We have three good tips for you:

  • Create a routine: Those who work at home must practice drawing boundaries between work and free time. Routine helps with that. Make the transition between free time and work always the same in the morning and in the evening. For example, make your coffee in the same cup and put it on your table. With this you signal to yourself: Let’s get started! Always end your working day by tidying up your workspace. On the one hand, you keep things tidy, and on the other hand, your “working self” also knows that the working day is over.
  • No housework during working hours: Of course it’s tempting to do a quick load of laundry or dust off something in between. But now it’s distracting. The best thing to do is make a clear schedule for your day. Housework can also be part of that. But constantly jumping between “private” and “professional” ends up costing you more time than you seem to save.
  • Business as usual: When working from home, it makes sense to slip out of your pajamas and dress appropriately. On the one hand, this makes it easier for you to differentiate between work and private time, and on the other hand, spontaneous video calls cannot surprise you unpleasantly.

5 Tips for Your Perfect Home Office