5.5 Inch Full Active, Panel IPS LCD JDI Frames Leading to The Minimum

We talked very little of JDI, Japan Display, as a result of their search for funding to start producing panels OLED, which possibly dominate the market within not much and have to Samsung, on-site mobile, as their main leader and driving force with its AMOLED, OLEDs evolved with an array of active pixels.
But who are seeking to make the leap to the OLED does not mean that JDI will set aside the LCD panels, at least not for the moment. Recently the Japanese have made a very interesting ad that will be very attractive to the followers of the Xperia line. A panel of 5.5 inch Full Active, which allows minimize the edges almost.

5.5 inch Full Active and borderless

Call it “borderless” is perhaps too optimistic but the manufacturer defines them. The new borderless panel has a diagonal of 5.5 inches and a FullHD resolution. They would be 400 pixels-per-inch density for an IPS LCD screen that should be ready to go into production in 2017.
This new panel of JDI has with a new design of high density that allows minimizing the edges almost. An evolution of the screen that already presented the Xperia XA Ultra but further reducing the bottom edge of the screen that is equated in width to the other three, allowing to take practicable the screen surface to almost the same edge.
The screen has been developed thanks to new technologies of processing and ensablamiento, which has allowed to JDI take the visible surface beyond what had been achieved so far. This new screen will allow, among other things, reduce the size of the smartphones that he must carry as they will not have to be set aside so much space on the front for a screen of this size.
As we said before, JDI is optimistic and relies on sending this new panel production Full Active for a date that should haunt the month of March 2017. We trust that both Sony and other manufacturers can use it on their smartphones for that year, although perhaps it comes too late for the consignment to be presented at MWC in Barcelona from February 2017.