U.S. Public Schools by State

First of all, what comes to mind is the concept of public service automatically. Thus, the public school is a public service in the same way that it is offered to the State free of charge and of a universal character (for all school-age children). This service is free of charge thanks to taxes collected by the State and support for community services.

Most states offer this opportunity for any child to have access to school and is related to a basic principle in many states: equal opportunities. This means that every child of any social class in a region of the country has the same opportunities for a prosperous future as another child in a different situation.

Schools are approached in different ways as is done, for example, in the USA and Europe

However, most public schools have common characteristics, such as teaching a nation’s values: freedom, equality and fraternity.

Due to their condition of public service, these schools must offer education directly stipulated by the State, in this way, the states create teaching plans or education laws, of which all public schools must follow the pre-established norms.

Thank you for visiting our site. Here, you can search for public schools in each area of the United States. Please follow the links below to find schools in your region or visit Niche for detailed profile of each school. You can also find schools in 50 states city by city.

Total number of public schools: 101,194

Map of 50 States

The above is the map of 50 states. Click to see all acronyms of each state.

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