Yupi-children's Footwear and Accessories

Attention attention moms, dads, grannies, aunties, everyone connected to the children’s universe … has luxury Palpitinho fresh for you, a super tip that will make the joy of kids who love riding in style!  As you know, last Thursday (15/08) was opened the newest Mall in Campo Grande, the Mall Bosque dos Ipês, and sossegamos not the torch until you walk to shop in store, futricamos, pry and checked the news that each was bringing to our city. And for the happiness of the consumerist on duty, we found several nice things! Among the shops, one of the most caught my attention was the YUPI, specializing in children’s footwear and accessories. The decor of the store is fooofa d +++, recreating the magic universe of children, and the products … ahhh … These are maddening.
There are many options in various sizes: has little shoes, sandals, slippers, booties, sneakers, shoes, and for the little fashionistas still have hair accessories and even bags. Those who do not have children will be willing to open a day care center after watching our flashes … kkkkkkk … most delicious thing in the world! During our visit, the GOLLY was full of customers (that’s pumping!) and we would like to do a “mini editorial” with some children who were there. People, we’re gone. Think of some clever girls, full of styles, who know well what they want?Terríveeelll!!! Hahahaha! Nowadays kids are increasingly determined and when they come into a store no one safe, just need the financial endorsement of parents, because they have an opinion and own style. Ehhh … There’s no escape from reality, the world really is changing. But come on, has the sweetest thing and loved than seeing a child fashionista? A-MA-MOS!