YouTube is 7 Years and Receive 72 Hours of Video Per Minute

The YouTube completed healthy seven years on Sunday (20/5) and, as usual, the date deserved a celebration up on your blog. Of this anniversary, the site won a bacanudo video that shows the main achievements of his short and remarkable history, from domain registration to record the views beaten by viral videos.
(YouTube Video)
According to the official YouTube staff, the site now receives 72 hours of video every minute on their servers, 50% increase over last year. Just to compare, when completedsix years service received the equivalent of two days of video from users every minute, abrand that has now risen for three days of video every 60 seconds. Not bad. “That’s enough time to watch 61 Royal Wedding Ceremonies, 841 Bad Romances, and 1,194Nyan Cats,” recalls the team YouTube on your blog.
Other figures show that YouTube has 800 million users who watch three billion hours of video every month, and that the channels subscription index increased 50% over last year.
For those who come now, YouTube was founded by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim at almost unknown on February 14, 2005, but the service just went on the air May 20 the same year. In October 2006 the service was bought by Google for $ 1.65 billion, which at the time left a lot of horror experts, since it saw no way the site “be able to generate some profit.” Currently YouTube is the third most visited site network, and generates its income mainly from selling ads.