You know Where to Make Your Diving Baptism?

Diving : An Activity with Story

Don’t know what to offer as a gift to your children? Have a friend that wants to overcome their fears in the underwater world? How long does not surprise your better half? How about a baptism of diving with the help of the best in the area? Since earliest times the trips to underwater world assume an important role in the life of the human being in search of resources or for the simple pleasure of meeting the maritime nature in its full splendor. This need, the companies linked to the diving and equipment offerings, courses and activities, to feed the taste by sea. Our site is an entity with credibility nationally and internationally, which has the support of recognized bodies specialized in diving courses at the highest level (PADI), with extensive experience in the market to help you in your baptism of diving. Contact us by email: or go to . What are you waiting for?

What It Takes to Make a Memmo Diving Experience?

The baptism of diving will be probably the most enriching experiences that you can have in life! Stimulate the taste for sea and alert to the underwater nature. An activity of this nature should be accompanied by diving professionals and all the physical conditions and materials to make you feel safe and satisfied. So, there are many services we have to offer! The hull Antigua can make your baptism of diving with just a couple of classes distributed by two mornings. After a theoretical class, it follows a practice in the pool, on the premises of the shop. Here you can also see all the articles and equipment linked to the world of diving. The other class will be carried out in sea, Portinho da Arrábida. There’s a lot of will to live sensations? So, do not wait, do not wait. Perform your Memmo diving experience and know already the wonderful world of underwater life. Contact our diving school in Lisbon, by e-mail:

What Should I bring? What do You Offer Me?

Your kids have more than 10 years old? The time has come! Congratulate them with an unforgettable activity as is the baptism of diving in the company of the most ordered and certified in the area, our diving school. You don’t need to bring equipment, as this is made available during class at no additional cost! Also no documents required to make your registration. This unique underwater experience offers a safe and still carries a paperback original in Portuguese and international recognition certificate PADI Discover Scuba Diving. In addition to all this, you can count on the sympathy, the experience and personalized service from our staff and diving professionals. To take a step so great in life, you don’t have to worry anymore!