Yahoo Sends Over 140 Employees While

The Yahoo, which is still the largest portal (content and services) of the internet world, has lost muscle in recent times. He gave up to be search engine to adopt Microsoft solutions while focusing on a business repositioning. And like all good engineering, there comes layoffs. More than 600 employees were put on the street in the past, and 140 more are on the way.

On Tuesday, amid the anniversary of the city of São Paulo (who cares?), The company announced that part of its marketing team would be asked to shut down the company in the coming weeks. They are employees who plan the future of Yahoo as a product / service, which now return to the market in search of a professional replacement.
Carol Bartz, the crazy executive who now runs Yahoo has made steady layoffs. Her intention is to reduce costs, and the best way to do it (it seems) is sending staff away. They are professionals whose job is to last for the company’s future, yet the decision to dismiss was maintained.
Yahoo Bartz wants to build will focus on production of editorial content, not in services or in the search. Not coincidentally, a global agreement has caused Yahoo to adopt the system Bing (still in the process of integration, I must say). To gain an editorial, Yahoo now focuses on local sites that offer content specific to a particular region.
This positioning Yahoo is taking is quite similar to AOL, which no longer access provider to become a central content. If it is economically feasible, so only time will tell.
I have no information about layoffs at Yahoo Brazil, the company’s office focused on the domestic market. Will the crisis did not come here?
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