XobotOS, an Android without Java Using C# and Mono Platform

Although it has nothing to do directly with Oracle hostilities to Google for the use of Java on Android, Xamarin people have ported Android from Java to C# making it to run on its own Mono platform. An experiment that has been called XobotOS. Joins other alternatives that already presented as Mono for Android that allows you to develop applications without using Java.
The Mono platform is considered by the community much more mature Xamarin that virtual machine from Dalvík of Google (the core of the operating system), so it could optimize more for that .NET applications go much faster than those developed in Java now for Android.
The tests have made a HTC Flyer and an Acer Iconia Tab throwing execution times quite fast, lower than that currently offers Android Dalvik using.
XobotOS is an only pilot project that Xamarin has donated to the community to make herself which keep it with Apache license, even Google could use it to replace your current platform.
It is available for download on GitHub and I believe that we will soon see ROM “cooked” using XobotOS as a base. Although I see complicated easy adaptation to current applications to run smoothly.