World Map With Country Names

With the game World Map of teaching, children learn geography of the names and countries.

To Make The Children to Tinker a World Map With Country Names

According to remzfamily, the game is to trace the world on the basis of a world map with country name as a model and stencil with countries on a large sheet of paper. This requires some preparation. But the game also allows parents to delight you “coach” of offspring.

  1. An Internet search for maps of the world where national borders and better country names are noted.Print then as large as possible. You can also copy images from books and photocopying enlarge technically.
  2. Paste the copied or printed sheets in cardboard boats.Make use of any resounding Fotokleber.
  3. Wait until the glue has dried completely.
  4. Cut with sharp scissors on any country outside its borders and to write their names.You can also paint the national flag next to it.02h56

Tinker globe itself – how it works
A globe itself fascinated children and adults improvised. With …

  1. Keep all parts in a box on, until they are used.While no country is lost.

Effecting The Set

  1. Spread a large sheet of paper on a flat surface or a large table accordingly, the greatest, the better.At best, they get or build an area of ​​at least 70 cm high and 150 wide. Arrange pencils.
  2. Now the child or children can catch once in the box and take a glimpse of the country.
  3. Helping children in determining the correct position of the country.You can also move around the areas where there are the continents respective brand.
  4. Now, children can draw with a pen, the contours of the earth using the model on paper.
  5. Then, the country name is written in the plan.Is too small a country, the name is written in an empty space and grounded by a line.

Incentives And The Game as a Contest

  • For convenience, you can pre-sort the models by dialing For example, all countries in Europe, etc., and the child to play first used this.
  • Create incentives to play and give young people a reward the sense of accomplishment by the completion of a section.This may be a small bag of candy, a chocolate kiss, a small toy or a little TV time.
  • If there are several children involved in the game, you can make a fine competition.One or two small are then responsible for a continent. You also characterized by a color system for the enjoyment of participants. For the “Asia Group” with makeup carnival painted a yellow dot on the nose, a black group Africa, Europe etc. white Who fired first completed his area won.