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The Kaftan female is the kind of clothing that looks good on any body, be it chubby, skinny, tall, short, whatever. It is a light piece, chilled, perfect for use in the summer, but due to its beauty is beautiful in any season.
This clothing is originally from the Middle East, more precisely the Mesopotamian region, and its characteristics are well marked. The cut is very wide, the sleeves are pointed, the fabric is lightweight and the variation of prints is amazing.
There is enough variation in the length of women’s Kaftans, either the sleeves or part overall. All are beautiful, are long dresses, short or blouses. The colors always attract many compliments about the piece.

The print dresses are great for use on a daily basis, and without pattern fit better in more serious events. It is perfect for the incredibly low also, as its V neck lengthens their bodies.
The Kaftan Female is super well with sandals or sneakers rasteirinhas, and for anyone who is pregnant she is a perfect outfit, due to its light weight and easy fit on any body type
The Kaftan Women also stands out for its versatility. They can be used for work or to go out at night without problems, in addition, it is also used as beach output etc.
When you use a Kaftan Female beware if your piece is not transparent. Many Kaftans are thus due to tissue thickness.
Kaftans are usually marked at the waist, either by cutting format or by placing a rubber band. The trend is already high for some years, but now in 2015 it comes with everything, and celebrities are already using.
The Ivete one which was entered in this fashion head, as well as Sabrina Sato has been seen repeatedly with their Kaftan. Fabiana Karla is a chubby always full of style, an example of how to dress well without trying to hide the body, but at the same time knowing disguise what is not very well and to emphasize its best. She is also adept at Kaftan and dark without print are your favorite.
Who likes of the cropped models, it is good to use a short underneath, since the Kaftan is very loose and sometimes the fabric is very light, any little wind can lift it.
The chubby should use models without marking the waist and sleeves with larger, darker colors also help disguise the extra weight.
Who is adept at Indian style usually I love the piece to be very stripped down and give that little air of sloppiness, but without getting too dropped.
Whatever your body type or style, you will surely find a Kaftan that it suits you. It is a relatively easy piece to do, talk to someone you know who works with seam and make a tailor, is sure to be successful.