Womens Leather Wallet

Leather wallet for women, the best companion for your purse:
If the women handbag is often a universe where there is confusion and disorder (I speak from within, of course!), The leather wallet for women, the leather workers call “companion” or “all-in a “is the absolute opposite, as its ultra efficient design allows in seconds to get your hands on what is useful daily.

Your bag never enough pockets, you are always in a hurry and the thing you want is always caught by chance at the bottom and often elusive! Everyone knows this maddening excitement that grips women frantically rummaging through their purses in search of keys or any object in becoming now a compelling need and that chronic clutter your expensive accessory works to deceitfully conceal!
Practical and stylish
The companion leather wallet, he is there in his pocket reserved, standing upright as the first of the class, while expressing his disdain for such chaos. Annoying but justified! Because he likes order, he and you are glad to find it when the rest does not come. Its air of yarrow ironed with a line that opens like an origami is exasperating but clever and it must be recognized that puts an incredible number of things that we would damage or lose for sure in another place. Who can believe that in the ranks both in an envelope or postcard format?
This is all the talent and ingenuity of small leather designers who understand the interest and usefulness of such an accessory and they have perfected to the extreme. Of course, for now, no technological revolution in this beautiful portfolio remains mainly a small monument functionality in a small space, now combined with finishes more original, for “amateur” with accessories stylish fashion.
A Made in France Portfolio Specialist
The French brand Frandi, a historical actor of small leather goods made in France, offers beautiful versions of its many models, for men and women. Long concerned about the quality of its productions, Frandi expanded its talent for pleasing ornaments, see interesting innovative to meet a demanding new experiences in the field.
We can thus find among other models, a collection of leather women wallets , great companion or as all-in-one leather, with all the good arrangements of the kind and dressed nubuck (lightly sanded) to contemporary mineral colors, leather fat cow touched for authentic style, wild leather (goat) very flexible and fresh and young colors, leather cracked in a post-modern urban spirit or calf leather, fine and elegant with sober shades.
The leather wallets Frandi are of course not the cheapest on the market: The brand has chosen to stay in the Tarn, where it was founded in 1937 to produce true “Made in France” with local skilled craftsmen. A guarantee of quality and durability which also has a local economic interest. It does not mean a luxury brand and offers its quality artisan production at prices often lower than some well known brands that produce … Also, see below!
Quality, creativity, local production, reasonable prices, this is a philosophy that one can only applaud and encourage!