Womens Fleece Sweat Suits

Fleece suit for Women: Comfort on Cold Winter Days

Temperatures drop, the days shorten and most like you would hole up until next spring? Morning walk in darkness out of the house and do not come before sunset home? If the weather is still cold and wet, there is nothing better than to spend the evening relaxing on the couch. With a hot tea and a book, you can make yourself comfortable while raging outside the winter storm. Yet cozy, you can make your evening with the right clothes: A soft and warming fleece suit is just the thing for cold winter days. He donates warmth and ensures a high comfort factor.

Versatile two Pieces of soft Fleece

A  fleece suit for women is the perfect companion for relaxing moments on the couch. This is mainly due to its comfortable cut. The trousers are loose on the legs and can be adapted by a drawstring waistband easily customized to your body. To suit also includes a jacket with zipper and hood transparent, so you are wrapped up from head to toe. Under the jacket, you can also wear more layers of clothing to combat the cold. In the two side pockets are perfect utensils for the cozy reading evening tuck, such as reading glasses or snacks. But not only in the House of fleece suit as described in warm clothes is a useful companion. Whether after a big sports session at the gym and the subsequent shower or taking a leisurely spa day at Spa-Hotel: The soft fleece suit immediately increases your well-being.

Fleece Convinces With its Positive Features

That fleece so popular in homewear pleased of course, lies in its unique material properties. He scores with his very pleasant wearing comfort because it feels soft and fluffy on the skin. Unlike wool you need here fear no scratching or irritating. The material is also characterized by its high thermal insulation, so that with your fleece suit certainly not be cold. These fleece is easy to care for. The suit, you can easily wash at 40 ° C in the machine. Drying in the dryer is not recommended – and also not necessary, as fleece is very quick drying. Thus her suit remains long soft, you should not use fabric softener when washing. To prolong the enjoyment of the fluffy stuff!

Wellness Tips for Winter

Not only the clothes plays an important role in the relaxation. With a few simple tips you survive the coldest winter days.

  1. Drinking enough:Even in winter you should pay attention to adequate hydration. Particularly beneficial are warm herbal teas.
  2. Vitamin-rich diet:Strengthen your defenses by eating fruits and vegetables is sufficient. Especially recommended are citrus fruits.
  3. A hot bath:The heat helps to release tension and makes using scented bath products that can reduce stress.
  4. Fresh air:Even if you want to stay on cold days prefer the warm living room, you should exercise regularly in the fresh air. To stimulate the circulation and metabolism. It is best to go during the day for a walk, to supply your body with light.