Winter Sports Look

Notice to the skiers and the snowboarders who are about to go on vacation in the mountain: here is a selection of clothing and accessories for walking tracks!

With the Olympic Games in Sochi which fast approaching sports questions and answers, winter sports are in the spotlight! Ski, snowboard, snowshoes, skates, sled… for all those who have planned to take a breath of fresh air in the mountains, here’s what equip you from head to foot without too much trouble to the bank account.

On the slopes

Once at the top, it is better to be well wrapped. The best technique is that of the onion: putting several layers, the air got stuck between the first and does not reach the skin. The ideal under a jacket is to wear a sweater or a long-sleeved technical fabric t-shirt to let breathe perspiration and body heat. You can find in any sporting goods store!
Side accessories, need you technical Gloves, a mask fits the brightness (to not be blinded or Miss contrast), what cover your ears (a cap or a Hat will do the trick) and woollen socks thick to avoid bruises on Shins.

  1. Pink ski jacketBench (€95)
  2. Protective glovesEtirel (€17.99)
  3. SunscreenThe Roche-Posay (€10.04)
  4. Beaume Sun Protect lipstickLabello (€2,50)
  5. Faux fur hatCamaïeu (€7.98)
  6. Mask with anti-fog double screenWed’ze (€14.95)
  7. Protective helmetWed’ze (€19.95)
  8. Under technical sweaterDecathlon (€29.95)
  9. Ski jacket with faux fur hoodCMP (€98)
  10. Lined bootsTati (€19.99)
  11. With bib ski pantsGo Sport (€59,00)
  12. Tassel mesh CapPimkie (€5)
  13. Rug for headphonesEolazic (€8.90)
  14. Ski pantsDecathlon (€39.95)
  15. Moonboots way SheepskinSacha (€39.95)

On the terrace

For those who plan to be sunbathing in a transat between runs, careful eyes! The Sun reflected violently off the snow and can quickly burn your retina: a pair of sunglasses to the high UV index will do the trick if you don’t ski.
For the skin, impossible to overlook the hydration! With the cold, the face and hands are severely assaulted: think to apply sunscreen and moisturizing balm lipstick several times in the day to avoid your skin don’t shoot at night.

  1. Fitted jacketEven & Odd (€28)
  2. Winter fleece inside leggingThe drawer to pantyhose (€9,90)
  3. Category UV Sunglasses: 3Grand Optical (€49)
  4. Knitted mohair sweaterMango (€24.99)
  5. Lined bootsPull & Bear (€39.99)
  6. Thicket earmuffsBarts (€19)
  7. Sunscreen index 30Garnier UV Ski (€8.73)
  8. Boots straps and nailsThe fashionista (€22,99)
  9. Pompom-filled mittensCamaïeu (€5,18)


After a hard day where the cheeks are blazing and thighs burn, cocooning is honored: comforters, sweatshirt fleece, stretch leggings and boots lined sweaters… There is that it’s all about! Once the raclette swallowed up, don’t forget to drink plenty of water and put a good layer of moisturizer after you shower.

  1. Fluffy knit sweaterNew Look (€29.99)
  2. Soothing moisturizerWeleda (€9.03)
  3. Mesh headbandHeadband (€5.45)
  4. Sweater round neckH & M (€19.95)
  5. Lined bootsTati (€6.49)
  6. Nice hot water bottleAccessorize (€8.25)
  7. Cream for hands and nailsBodyshop (€3.50)
  8. Stretch leggingsMIM (€16.99)
  9. Socks slippersEtam (€6.90)

You’re ready: don’t forget your helmet and your shorts-down jacket, you can weave with swagg on the slopes!