Windows Phone Notifications Will Be Adapted as on 8.1 iPhone

Leaked picture of settings for the forthcoming notification center with Windows Phone 8.1 promises good news for users.
Microsoft’s Windows Phone-phones users have long had to do without real push notifications, and a gathering place for doing so, as competitors on iOS and Android have long had.
When we earlier on the mobile site could tell about Windows Phone 8.1-here is the news, we could also reveal that future updates would bring a similar “notification center” to the patient users.
A leaked picture reveals now they use whatever settings to function, which so promises good news, since it confirms that the function will get similar customization options that already exist on iOS devices. It writes our site.
Why should you adapt your app’s push notifications? It’s probably not all of the messages that you see as being equally important, and perhaps not all that should disturb as banner or with sound.
On the picture we see 4 “contacts”, which in the forthcoming notification center will be able to turn on/off GPS, Brightness, Wifi and air condition.
Windows Phone users have since the beginning had “live” tiles, which, in turn, show the user with content updates, as a kind of push notifications. The image here confirms that these will continue unchanged. It is, of course, among other things, also what differentiates Windows Phone platform from competitors.
The image shows only the special customization of email and messages, but we naturally expect that Windows Phone users will be able to customize all push notifications, also in apps from 3. -party developers. Just like on the iPhone, so you can apparently decide for themselves whether push notifications should display a small banner, so that you are made aware without being disturbed.
So far we are waiting anxiously for the rollout of Windows Phone 8.1, which is said to be the biggest update for Windows Phone devices ever.
Do you look forward to a notification center on your Windows Phone, or doing fine without you?