Why The European Commission Would Make Apple Pay a Multi-Million-Dollar Sum in Ireland? [Updated: Confirmed The Fine of 13,000 Million]

For a long time, more exactly 2014, the European Commission (EC) has been investigating the movements of Ireland, due to possible irregularities with the taxes that Apple had to pay in that country. By then, the EC accused the country avoid international tax rules agreeing with signature Cupertino advantageous treatment in the payment of taxes, something that would be considered illegal under European laws.
As well, Reuters just report that two sources related to the subject, reported that the EC will fail against the fiscal relations between Ireland and Apple, which would cost the company a sum that would amount to 19,000 million euros, According to JP Morgan. This amount corresponds to money in taxes that stopped paying the company in Irish country. The results of research and the formal announcement by the CE will be held in the near future.
The source said that the CE could also punish Ireland with a fine for establishing such an agreement with Apple. “This movement is known as ‘fiscal engineering’ or the ‘ double Irish” and is being investigated by the authorities, since such aid from the Irish Government put at a disadvantage to other countries of the European Union.

A three year investigation

From 2014 the EC announced the start of an investigation seeking to clarify the tax situation of Apple in Ireland. Then there was strong evidence of a possible agreement between the two, so it Apple’s subsidiaries in that country were paying close to 2% taxes.
Many expected the verdict against this situation to emerge by the end of 2015, but then the European body decided to extend the research. The reason: the Irish elections took place in February 2016 and the EC didn’t want to that they would be influenced by that decision.
It now appears that the EC has taken a decision and, according to Financial Times, a 130-page document confirms the sanction against Apple. In addition, in the text, the EC requires Ireland to reformulate their accounts as a result of this sentence, So Apple would have to pay a sum millions owed to Ireland for tax agreements. While JP Morgan says that this could amount to the 19,000 million euros, analysts such as Bloomberg indicated that the amount would be 1,000 million euros, while the Irish Times calculates that it would only be of EUR 100 million.
Ireland is certainly not the first country that favors a brand. A similar situation occurred in the last few years with Starbucks in Luxembourg and in the Netherlands, that Fiat they had to face accusations by concept of unpaid taxes return.