Why I Love Wearing Tights

I have to explain my approach sticky.
I’m 31 and it Straight 11 years that I wear tights.
The first reason is a thermal carrier I suffer from muscle hypersensitivity due to cold. Hence the use of wool tights recommended by a physiotherapist.
I took taste and I have started m ‘interest in this garment by going to stores like Wolford, Printemps, Galeries Lafayette, trying and I found it very enjoyable.
My first purchase was quite challenging: How a man can justify the purchase of this garment for himself? I told the saleswoman “might inquire about a hot sticky me could go to a man” her eyes widen in “Sorry sir you want a sticker for you” telling me I was red with shame she said, “Good I see you’re a bit ill at ease but I’ll help you find what you need. “She shows me a woolen tights golden “you’ll see it’s great”I buy leggings.
But buying sticking by a man can elicit aggressive reactions sometimes I’ll know. I was with my ex girlfriend in a h & m she said “we will not go take tights” I said, “No worries he had me.” Arrived at checkout the clerk was noticed to my ex “Mademoiselle there are two very different size has your tights” she replied “This is normal, there is for him” the saleswoman laughed “sorry your boyfriend puts tights he is gay (term deliberately changed) “the tone a little mounted.

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