White Dress: New Fashion Trend

Considered to be the new black, the white dress is the basic color of the next summer. For being a neutral tone, it combines with all colors and allows a multitude of looks, from romantic to Classic rockers, and moderninhos. In addition to instantly illuminate the face of the wearer, highlighting visual and transmitting freshness and lightness.
As well as the black, the white dress is a Joker, because it enhances almost all types of skins, Brunettes, black, white and especially the Tan. Only white-skinned women should take a little more care in time to use the white dress, which may pale lighter skins. To avoid this effect off, abuse of colorful accessories or take a beautiful make-up with bright tones, to leave the joyful production.
Current preferred the famous white dress has reign in red carpets. Synonymous with simplicity and elegance, the color is an excellent choice for all occasions.Valley use the white dresses in any style, shape or length: feminine, acinturados, fluids, stripped, short or long form, come into play. Versatile, this dress is at work, leisure and events, simply combine them the right accessories for every situation. The choices can come from pure tones and clear, or white off white (more yellowish or greyish), in addition to combinations of white with patterns and details in black, gray or beige.
To make the white look rocker faced, for example, bet on the contrast with the black, that may appear on mauqiagem, shoes and accessories such as bracelets and belts with studs or black leather, chains and necklaces of crucifix. Feet, bet on heavy shoes: black abotinada sandal with studs or the ankle boot leather.
The modern style can be updated in the white dress through transparent details, cutouts, geometric designs and powerful accessories like a nice bag of strong color or a heavy shoe.
The classic style, perfect for the exquisite events, gets even more sophisticated with a white dress garment a little longer, made in tissue fluids, such as silk and satin, lace details, heart neckline and complemented by a neutral or more delicate sandals pumps, thin strips and silver bracelets and earrings, bright or pearls.
The visual romantic is the one that best combines with the white dress, since the color is naturally delicate. To make it even more sweet and charming, bet on ruffles, thin spaghetti straps and light fabrics such as silk, lace, tulle and satin;along with sneakers and delicate accessories in details of ribbons and bows.