Which To Choose: White Gold Ring Or Yellow Gold?

When we think of gold, we usually think of precious metal bijoux and bars in yellow color and some variations of yellow. Actually, the most common gold is yellow, but there are some variations in coloration, including silver, called white gold . But then, what is the best decision to make: choose a white gold ring or a yellow gold ring? Do not know the answer? We’ll help you better understand the differences!

18k Yellow Gold

The gold as described in allcitycodes in its purest stage is very hard to find and has a soft appearance, making the work of the jewelers difficult. To stiffen and resolve this situation, gold is mixed with other metals. We call this alloy process. The gold extracted from nature is yellow, the yellow gold alloy is mixed with metals of the same coloration as copper, zinc, cadmium and nickel. Carat is used to measure the purity of the alloy, for example, 18K gold has 75% gold.

White Gold

White gold is nothing more than a metallic alloy composed of the mixture of gold (in percentage), silver, palladium and nickel. This combination looks greyish.The brilliance and beauty that white gold possesses is caused by a rhodium bath, a metal of the same platinum family.


This is undoubtedly the main factor when deciding between the white gold ring and yellow gold. Evaluate what you like most to wear, gold or silver? Although there is no longer the concept that gold is not mixed with silver, there are people who do not like to use a certain color. Currently, the two colors can be perfectly used together. A good way to help in choosing is to check which color predominates in the jewelry you use the most.


Normally, the big factor of combination ends up being the difference of the design of each piece. A white gold ring with more modern design, for example, can combine quietly with a more traditional yellow gold ring, like a wedding ring.


Another factor to aid in decision making is the goal. Show an engagement as an engagement ring or show everyone that you are married? In some cases, white gold jewelry can mean a compromise or a great occasion, such as graduations or be associated with the stones of each profession, composing beautiful jewels! In others, the traditional golden marriage alliance is the most conventional way to evidence that the person is engaged.


Yellow gold jewelry often needs little maintenance , such as a polishing occasionally. As the white gold jewels take a rhodium bath to have all the brilliance, with the passage of time this bath wears and is lost. Contact with water, creams and cleaning products will expedite this process. Therefore, it is usually necessary to perform maintenance with a new rhodium bath in white gold jewelry.
Jewels are very delicate and charming pieces that usually have a special meaning. They can mark any special occasion – whether it be a fifteen-year-old ring, engagement ring, wedding bands, wedding dresses, birth dates for children , among many other possibilities. To choose between a ring of white gold and yellow gold several points should be taken into consideration, since these special pieces will be with you for many, many years marking your life with much charm and style!