Where To Rent a Wedding Dress?

And if we rented her wedding dress? Overview of the best sites for sumptuous attire of wedding without breaking the Bank.

This dress they carry during the most beautiful day of their lives, some become attached and give it a symbolic or sentimental. Others on the contrary, believe that it is darn shame it to end its days buried inside a closet. The dilemma is stark: either we choose to wear expensive designer dress that made us dream, to resolve to part then (and with the idea that others have door before we), either we just creating less expensive that you will surely be only once, but we can keep with us forever.

How it works?

If the practice is not yet widespread in France, a lot of brides English, Japanese or American prefer to wear a scratched creation day J and, without having to sacrifice two monthly salaries. As to acquire one, it takes at least 1000, or 2000 EUR – even more if it comes from a recent collection. Fortunately, there are a good number of sites through which you, too, can rent the dress of our dreams.

For example, on seed-of-legalarmist, a wedding dress Monique Lhuillier worth 569 rental and €1.086 for sale. Please also note that on the Our site.  platform, rent a small signed short dress Chloe for a civil wedding costs only 125 euros the day. At the time of rental, the client pays a deposit not boxed, which cancels out the return of the dress after a stint at the dry cleaners, almost always included in the price. In case of damage caused to the dress, necessary alterations are charged and if never it is impossible to restore, then the deposit is of course enclosed.

Another essential point: most of these sites ensure fittings free by appointment, absolutely essential to ensure that the dress suits us perfectly. Here are some of the most popular sites in France.

  • Cottonseed

Created in 2009, cotton seed is a consignment shop that allows you to rent a new or second-hand, wedding dress but also to sell, buy or even make some alterations. Managed by a team of five consultants, the workshop located in the 15th arrondissement of Paris offers signed creations Monique Lhuillier, Pronovias, Vera Wang, or even Delphine Manivet. What wear the dress of our dreams without breaking the Bank.

  • My good friend

At the base, this Parisian showroom-whose name refers to its creator Axelle Bonamy-offers mostly the evening dresses long or cocktail couture as well as in fur coats. But there is also a ‘short wedding dresses’ category signed Chloe, Vanessa Bruno, Lanvin or even John Galliano, that we can try on appointment. The right ideal plan for a civil marriage.

  • Silk ribbons

Silk ribbons is a showroom located in the heart of the capital, in which it is possible to try and rent to retouch brides dresses. There are parts in the trend of the moment, developed by french designers or more famous brands such as Pronuptia, Cymbeline, and Demetrios.

  • Dream Dress rental

Dream Dress rental was born from a finding, stated on its site could not be more clear: “why pay a fortune for a dress that you will only once? The stock of this showroom located in Argenteuil near Paris is regularly renewed, in order to offer its customers the latest in wedding dresses. Dream Dress rental is as well for women who want to wear a traditional dress as a caftan or even Eastern dress, with brands like Demetrius, Hervé marriage and Pronovias.

Argenteuil, 95100,

Remains to be seen if you feel ready to say goodbye to her wedding dress after having said “Yes”… Knowing that the money saved through the rental of wedding dress always can be spent in the ceremony, in order to make this possible the most unforgettable day!