Where to Find a Sports Bra Big Size?

With the start of school often comes back to the sports activities of the family. And this isn’t because we’re even big round, don’t move! Many of you get physical activity on a regular basis. To allow you to return to your sport in the best conditions in September 2016, we offer a focus on the sports bra large size!

A Sport In The Best Conditions

If you have not yet jumped the steps, there is still time to register! Feel free to attend the forum of associations of your commune to take advantage of hours of sport at price pleasure. You can of course register also in rooms or clubs in your area.
When we dress up as large and we have a generous bust, remember, it is very important to wear a lingerie adapted in order not to damage the chest.
The sports bra with underwire is designed by Janesportsbras.com to ensure maximum comfort coupled with a retention at the top: freedom of movement guaranteed, without discomfort or pain.

Sports Bra Big Size: Discover Our Selection

It’s no surprise that we find the majority of the models on online shops. Follow the guide!

Level 3

Did you know that as for shapewear there are several levels of maintenance for the great sports bra size too? Level 4 offers excellent support! Crack for this model black and turquoise micro-breathable and quick drying.

Girly Grey

Touch of pink girly for this gray sports bra smile with underwire. Its strengths? He evacuate perspiration and allows good breathing of the skin, we greatly appreciate his band absorbent sponge under the chest which is a real asset when you’re an opulent chest and therefore tend to excess sweating at this level.


We love the sobriety of this also available in white sports bra that offers great support. We especially enjoy being able to find it until the 145 g !
Bonus: and if you offer you complete all cute on the matching briefs?

Mini price

Fall in love on this model of mind in blue and white tennis in an extra price… Less than €15 it is possible with this nice level 2 sports bra. Why not?
With our selection, small and strong breasts with a grand tour of back have of what be pampered. You have no excuse to not put or get back to the sport.
Your mouse and good shopping!