Where to Buy Transparent Underwear?

Lingerie goes beyond just dressing the body. Time was in the lingerie served only to cover the private parts. Today are objects of desire, sensual, provocative and make a difference in some events, such as the first night of a honeymoon, for example. While not as comfortable, the visual now worth some investment.
To change the drawers lingerie , a suggestion is transparent panties. Sexy, discreet and in a game they love to “show and not show” transparent underwear is the kind of piece that at least for special nights every woman should have. The cotton underwear models and synthetics can indeed be quite charming, but nothing compares at times with transparent panties.

Do not think this lingerie model as uncomfortable August ever. Some are even, but not all. Imagine a dental and yet transparent wire, may not be the easiest parts to use for a long time, perhaps a few hours at a time at a party. But there are models like boxing panties also transparency for those who love comfort with sensuality, the tamer or more spicy, like panties strip. If there is already transparent, more daring a little never hurts, does not it?

Where to Buy Transparent Panties?

Sites is not lacking. The more conventional stores like Marisa and Riachuello sell the product in style with renda. Caso are looking for variety and more daring models, the tip is to look at sexy shops. They are the most common commercial spots to find models with income, more estilisados. But it all depends on what you search in the market.
The cool lingerie is to be cheap. There are models ranging from $5 to R$200. And if you’ve ever seen out there panties with transparency, know that the models are so loved the world that brands go betting on it. Victoria’s Secret already has its rendinha with and other noble fabrics in beautiful sets $50 The Hope marks, Lycra and the like. A shopping tip: body set and transparent panties. It costs on average $100 and is pure luxury to take a honeymoon, for example.
We recommend: box panties , black lingerie and thong panties

Online Lingerie Buying Tips

I never bought lingerie online? You have no risk and no need to be ashamed.
The sites are modern and unobtrusive as the sending of intimate parts. Sexy shops, for example, usually sent in sealed boxes and a legal name for identifying the package. There’s no way to know what’s inside, unless you say.
To find your ideal size of that brand in particular, a tip is to measure the panties of a waist the other. Measure the size that you consider comfortable and do not count on the sagging tissue. In some parts, it is important to buy already comfortable. Prolonged use of a lingerie leave marks and hurt the skin.
As for colors, note the description of the site if the part is to choose or send in “different colors”. This does not guarantee that you will receive what you bought, so better read carefully.