Where to Buy LED Bulbs

If you read clicks, you are aware of the energy challenges facing our society today. Consume less and better part of your concerns, and when you have the opportunity, you apply already the right gestures efficiency.

Where to Buy LED Bulbs

A perfect opportunity to replace your light bulbs

Even if you have already started to replace your bulbs at the end by LED, you do it gradually and still you probably the halogen, compact fluorescent or maybe even filament.

Then, until the end of March, clicks gives you a helping hand! The price of the LED has already declined in recent months, but we have negotiated an additional discount of 20% for you, at our partner Girard Sudron on a wide selection of E27 LED bulbs last generation.

How to enjoy?

Go to your space member clicks to access the selection of bulbs and get the discount code.

The advantages of the LED

The LED bulb has a life 2 times superior to compact fluorescent bulbs. In addition, it instantly lights while the fluo-compact needs time to get to a complete diffusion of light.
The LED bulb gives off in addition 2 times less heat than a halogen bulb: interesting for children’s rooms or for spots that are used to illuminate specific locations often close to us.
Today, the LED bulbs last generation offer a full range of light, the hottest to the coldest, to adapt perfectly to each of your parts and use. The bulb shape standard or flame, opaque or transparent, the built-in spotlight, you are sure to find the ideal LED bulb to your needs without minimizing your comfort.

A quality partner

Our partner Girard Sudron specializes in the lights for more than 100 years. The quality of its products is a process of analysis and rigorous tests. Today it presents a large selection of LED to replace most of the light bulbs used by individuals and professionals (offices, warehouses…).
I take this opportunity!

More information

The use of the blue LEDs can present some risk, especially when the eye is directly on light sources.
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