Where to Buy Fidget Spinner for Kids?

Where To Buy Fidget Spinner For Kids?
Find out where to find the spinning toy that turned fever World!

Fidget Spinner

This toy that does not do much besides turn and turn, became a fever among the children of countries like United States and United Kingdom and arrived with everything in Brazil also.
Its purpose is to make it spin, creating an incredible visual effect that can vary by model and color. In addition, it is used by adults to relax or concentrate.

Fidget Spinner-Toy For Autistic?

Some manufacturers are marketing the toy product with the appeal that it would be beneficial to autistic due to the rotation movement.
“It is true that autistic children may have an interest in rotating objects,” says Erika Parlato de Oliveira, a professor at the Faculty of Medicine at UFMG and a co-coordinator of PREAUT in Brazil, a program for the early identification of babies at risk for autism.
These benefits, for the time being, have not yet been proven by scientific studies.And the medical community is also skeptical of the novelty. “There is no physiological explanation for these claims. From my point of view, it seems like a common toy “, says Carlos Nogueira Aucélio, neuropediatrician and professor at the University of Brasília. And it does not cost to strengthen: anxiety disorder and ADHDare conditions that deserve proper attention and treatment.

Is Fidget Spinner A Safe Toy For Children?

Some manufacturers are warning that the product is not recommended for children under 3 years of age as they may swallow small parts.
In the United States, at least three children were hospitalized for having swallowed small pieces of the toy that came loose while it was spinning or putting the little things in their mouths.