When to Start Wearing Maternity Bras

After childbirth and during lactation, it is necessary to feel your best in her body and in her head. If you are pregnant or if you are a young mom and you are breastfeeding your baby, know that the maternity lingerie deserves special attention. Since each woman develops differently, the Lingerie pregnancy and breastfeeding lingerie that is a scalable, thanks to its technical materials will allow to adapt to every change in your body.

When to Start Wearing Maternity Bras
Lemon Curve gives you today a few tips on choosing and wearing your maternity bra.

Why Wear a Special Bra Maternity?

  • Primarily for its part practical: it usually allows open easily with one hand and the front during feedings. It thus ensures optimum functionality.
  • It will ensure you a maximum comfort avoiding rubbing through models with little or no seams.
  • Maternity bras are specially designed through Bestaah to contain the breast that has taken the volume, it also allows the skin to not relax and thus avoid stretch marks.

What Bra Model to choose?

  • A maternity bra can occur with or without reinforcements. Prefer a bra with underwire for your life that will better fit your chest. If you want to wear the bra at night, adopt a model without wires or whales, not to hurt your skin and do not you compress the chest.
  • Preferably choose a model with wide adjustable straps with a foam backing for comfort and make sure that the front opening is easy to open with one hand, for breastfeeding.
  • Regarding the materials, you can wear from the moment you are comfortable and feel at the beginning of breastfeeding you wear pads that are used to absorb the possible milk flows. However, if you are sensitive to the chest, focus on models cotton or microfiber material that are better tolerated by sensitive skin.

When can i Start Wearing my Nursing bra?

  • You can start wearing your nursing bra from the 8 th month of pregnancy, when your breasts are fully developed.
  • It is only then that it will measure your chest and your back round to choose the right bra size to purchase.
  • You now have some reference points more for your breastfeeding takes place for the better and that the arrival of your child is done with confidence!