What Your Watch Tells about You

On the first date, the watch you wear shows who you are or would like to be!
The first date with IT. There should be nothing wrong. What location?Important. What outfit? Very important. What time? Really important!The choice of the location shows her what you believe she might like. The choice of your outfit shows her how you like herself. But the watch you wear shows you who you are … or would like to be!

Model “Pomp and Protz”?

If you love Audemars Piguet with precious stones, this is not a forbidden thing, but as long as you are not an American rapper, do not present the lady’s finest on the first date. Better, she already knows you more closely and knows that behind her love for “big and sparkling” is the pure passion and not a complex, inadequate compensation complex. The same applies to all other models of the most striking luxury class: If your Wrist is not too bright, and the car is parked in front of the restaurant, it becomes difficult to get rid of the label “Blender”.

Model “Timeless Elegance”?

A classic makes itself wonderfully at the arm of the stylish global player, which has already arrived somewhere. The Young Urban Professional (Yuppie), who struggles into life, misses a clear (fun) brake on the other hand. So only then, if you have already times words as old-age provision, Townhouse and children said.

Model “Immobilizer”?

If bathing is your only actively practiced water sport, then please no Rolex Deepsea with 3900 meters of diving guarantee. Comes like Wampe in the Muscle-Shirt.

Model “Plagiarism”?

Is despite the aspiration of the land of the rising sun not mega-trendy, but mega-trashy. The Rolex from China does not impress Cindy from Marzahn. Predicate superficial.
So, an eye-catcher – striking, but not pretentious, chic, but not stiff, elegant, but not bland … puh … ??

Here the Advice of the Expert:

For the first date, Iinsidewatch recommends a watch with casual understatement. A stylish Omega Seamaster is not just about Clooney. The Patek Philippe Nautilus is also an option: with its 40mm housing it is not yet obtrusive and yet a perceptible statement!
Everything much too complicated? Then just let your instinct guide you. No trust? Are you afraid to know yourself too badly, to have an infallible feeling for what is best suited to you from the splendid offer of the most beautiful timepieces in the world? Does not matter. This is the same as with the search for the woman for her life: mistakes not excluded. But the one or other “False” can also be fun in time …!
And another tip: Do not look at the clock at the first date!