What Wedding Dress to Choose For a Civil Marriage?

Impossible to do not pass the Mayor to get married. Whether or not you have chosen a religious ceremony or secular thereafter, it is the required step. Small dilemma: what wedding dress pick for a civil marriage?

  • The Same Dress For Your Ceremony Religious Or Secular

Whether or not your marriage to take place the same day as the ceremony religious or secular, you can wear the same dress. This is the case of most brides. This avoids buying a second wedding dress, unnecessary costs and

having to change during the day. And if you don’t no ceremony, nothing prevents you to buy a Princess wedding dress. It’s your day to you, treat yourself!

  • The Little Short Wedding Dress

For a civil marriage, you can quite afford a short wedding dress stunned by WEDDINGINFASHION: it’s tendency and modern! All wedding dresses designers offer very nice models. Enjoy to show your legs and your carefully chosen for your wedding shoes. Let’s face it, you never see the brides to long dress shoes. Some ready-to-wear brands offer short dresses designed for a civil marriage: ideal for small budgets.

  • A Wedding Suit

It’s the perfect outfit for a civil marriage. You can opt for the skirt or pants and the matching jacket: the perfect mix of simplicity and elegance. Remember Carrie Bradshaw in “Sex and the City” movie: she eventually marry Big in a cream-coloured suit bought vintage store and worn with luxury shoes, forgetting the sumptuous dress that she had been given to the announcement of his marriage.

  • A Color Wedding Dress

It is true that most brides choose the traditional white for their wedding dress. But for a civil marriage, you can afford a little color. Why not opt for a pastel dress or light prints for a bit of originality? And if you prefer to stay in white or cream tones, feel free to add color as a belt, a small banner or a jewel accessories.

  • The Transparent Lace Wedding Dress

You want to combine sexy and elegant in style? Dare a pretty Halter v-neck or a dancer or a strapless dress. You can also opt for a slightly transparent with a fine lace on the bust or back, or dress well subtly unveiled legs. The risk is falling into vulgarity. Take care not to show bra bandeau or “too much skin. The elegance remains, even at City Hall.