What Wants to Tell Us Apple with Its Lineup of Keynote?

The tension is at its highest level: Apple has sent invitations of the keynote that will take place on September 7 and we can not be more proud because Applesfera will be present in San Francisco invited by the manufacturer. Our coordinator Pedro Aznar It will be there covering in rabid live event, and for those who stayed, there are also entertainment: are there any hidden message in the invitation?
Apple plays like no cluelessness and brilliantly mastered the strategies of communication, and almost always tends to imply an advancement What will present the keynote. We invite you especules with us about what has been able to drop the firm with this poster.

See you ‘(in) 7’

Once again, Apple has incorporated in his invitation a blurred and colorful image that gives rise to thousand interpretations, but it really is the entertaining topic. Social networks are already filled with comments and possibly more revealing ‘track’ the text of the ad: “See you on the 7th”, which in English is a clever play on words in regards to the content.
The translation has a double meanings: on the one hand it refers to the date (7 September), but on the other it seems a clear allusion the rumored iPhone 7. But wait, because here they don’t end the interpretations what could represent those bubbles colored background? In Cult of Mac have pulled out the magnifying glass collecting also some of the most interesting ideas in social networks. And there is something for everyone.

Dual camera and perhaps… do iris identification?

As you can see in the picture, there are a number of bubbles distributed in such a way that they draw the upper part of the company logo, but a little perking his view you can see eye-catching elements. For example what do represent those two white dots perfectly aligned? (in fact, they are the only aligned all the design.) The majority sees them dual camera that so much has been said, but there are who suggests something more shocking.
Do they want to tell those two points together with the ‘see you’ to iPhone 7 counted with? iris identification? That is what you suggest some, and this Yes would novel since that would have avoided the bulk of leaks, but is confirmed as real, Apple would follow the footsteps of its rivals, in particular the Galaxy Note 7.
And already released to play with speculations, the white dot on the bottom of the top left, that which appears more veiled than the rest, brings the head to many what represent exactly? A design license? It doesn’t seem it, in any case, we will leave doubts the coming week.