What to Wear When You Go Back to Work?

Between the emails that have accumulated and waking always a bit difficult, the return is a time that we all dread. Fortunately, with a tailored look, the return to reality is more enjoyable!

Prefer Sobriety

The first day of school, your colleagues will assess your tan and will ask you questions about your vacation. No need to add more with an obtrusive look! Play the simplicity card, and avoid showing off all reported jewelry Mauritius. Prefer to adopt a fluid pants with a blouse or jeans and a sweater end if the atmosphere of the company is more relaxed. Ditto for makeup: If you are part of the sun and your skin is nicely golden, opt for a little mascara and a touch of lipstick. Conversely, if your tan is nothing spectacular, useless to be the envy of your colleagues by having too heavy a hand on the foundation. A little blush should be enough to give you good-looking!

Avoid the total look

If, for you, is synonymous back again job, the look of your first day will have a direct impact on your image in the new company. If you have been hired as a manager or leader, your appearance should be neat without being harsh. For example you can choose a pantsuit with a clear top to stay classy, ​​but not inaccessible. If you do not know the dress code for your new business, avoid jeans: prefer a basic black pants worn with pumps and sober up. In any case, consider customize your outfit with some accessories that reflect your personality. Fantasy earrings, bib necklace or gold cuff: the objective is to successfully integrate without denying who you are! Finally, hair side, the bun is ideal: less strict than a bun, it gives off the face and expresses your femininity.