What to Wear When It Rains?

I put what quans it rains?
First instinct when you wake up? Look out the window to see the weather outside. And he never much liked in summer 2016. Whether you are on vacation, at home or at work, morning dress becomes a hassle.
So what to wear in the rain?
Reply with Caroline de Surany in his book “to be fashion victim but not” the First editions

Mode 3 Mistakes to Avoid When It Rains
1 / get in jeans
We imagine that it will be simpler, and finally, it ends with a soaked jeans knee and puts the whole day to dry.
2 / wanting to be flat
Know one thing: unless the surface of the foot touches the ground, unless one undergoes moisture. The best solution? Choosing beautiful shoes offset suggested by Ejinhua, a convenient way to stay dry.
3 / wear white clothing to brighten
Finish studded spots or worse … naked!
The 3 Essential Mode When It Rains 
1 / a trench
They may say, it is still what is best in heavy rain: it protects from wind, water, and is much more chic than a raincoat.
2 / a nice umbrella
What’s more depressing than just another ultra basic black umbrella? It is better to go for a cool color like pink, peach or apricot to give good looks in addition to making good mood!
3 / plastic shoes
Not necessarily boots, which are in the city not essential and which are very unpleasant to keep all day when it stops raining, but live cheap shoes that appear absolutely no fear!