What to Wear Under Football Jersey

Each game is a football jersey belongs! However, what you wear is actually under the football jersey and what use a professional footballer? There is the right answer.

What Must Be Worn Under a Shirt?

In football, there is for all rules and even what may be worn under the jersey belongs to. The only restriction here is that it these sports must have the same color as the actual shirt. Otherwise, you may under the jersey wear what you want.

What You Wear Under A Shirt?

Has formerly the jersey worn almost exclusively directly on the skin as this has changed in the course of recent years. By now, a good under-clothing with functional shirt almost every soccer equipment with them. The reason for this is mainly the moisture transport through the material and reduced friction by the jersey. The functional clothing you wear under the jersey is stehts elastically and tightly. Under Shop> all jerseys from our store you can wear functional underwear.

What to Wear Professional Soccer Under The Jersey?

The same thing also you can order you. Is used here, the respective functional clothing manufacturer of the shirts produced. Plays a club so in Adidas jerseys Adidas functional clothing is worn (in this case, Adidas Techfit) by the players. The same applies to Nike and Puma or also smaller companies such Jako and Erima.
To accompany the jersey manufacturer of your team you too can you as your Shop> functional clothing to wear under the shirt of all manufacturers is order .
Since the shirts are worn under the jersey should sit very tight, hyperrestaurant suggests you measure your size carefully before purchasing.