What to Wear for World Cup

It may even be that things don’t move very excited in Brazil in recent times (especially in the last few months), but one thing is undeniable: the whole world is turning a blind eye to us now. Sports delegations and tourists are coming in full swing and in a few days starts the most important football tournament on the planet. And Yes, he will be held here in Brazil.
If you are one of those who loves the sport or simply loves a party and want to check near (or far) Brazil’s games (and maybe in other countries too) with friends or with family and want to rock that look cheerleader, knows that there are many more ideas, accessories and ways to use them than you think. Not to be alone in the “basicão”, how about dare a little more without losing the style and elegance?


The first rule of thumb is to perfect hydration if you’re going to do a lot of mischief with my hair for the next 30 days. Trim the ends and make a moisturizing session enriching your cream with vials of vitamins and oils that you know and you know who has good efficacy.
Hydrated hair, dye it! If your intention is that the effect lasts only a few weeks, can use the tints, which are easier to get out or be covered by another dye.
For those who want to dare to truth, Marimoon inspiration and Lady Gaga is definitely the more courageous. And very modern.
If you don’t want to risk, nor have such courage so to touch all the wires, how about bet only in some colored fuses? How about copying the Gametate? Modern and fun, they are more discreet and will make you look super young. If your hair has side bangs, worth paint that part.
If your intention is not to work the hair color, you can bet on more simple accessories, the results of which are also cool. The price is usually low and the choices are many: it has for all tastes, just choose what’s your man, whether you’re more discreet or loud!The important thing is to have fun.

Clothes and accessories

To get in the mood of the World Cup on a daily basis you don’t need so much: a piece or two can make a difference, since our flag has striking colors and if you exaggerate the use of them will turn into attraction on the streets. If you do not want to be too conspicuous, use only one of the pieces in the colors of Brazil. Out, invest in free dresses.
To those who prefer just a detail tupiniquim in production, the option are the bags and jewelry. So you can use your normal clothes on a daily basis, highlighting only one or two most colorful accessories.


There’s a Department that the chicks loves: nails. The inspirations are many, but to get away from the common place worth betting on drawings and stickers. You can also combine rings and bracelets. Now, if you do the more classic line, you can use the famous francesinhas or (why not?) get in Mono, which is not to have same error. Check out.
Now just copy the ideas that have more to do with your style and fall at the party!