What to Take in a Backpacking Trip

This article will provide advice and information to anyone who thinks Loofah around with a backpack. The events told as an example, when I was out there and luffade around in Malaysia and Thailand with the family in the summer of 97.
So you’ve decided to embark on a journey with the backpack? To travel around like backpacker is the best field if you want to experience the country and the people there. You would just relax and enjoy Sun and beach so it is recommended that you take a charter.

The gasket is very important. In a backpack so you should have with you all the clothes and stuff that you need for the duration of your trip. You’ll even be able to buy new things that you probably want home with you. The most important thing is the backpack, it is comfortable and functional. Make sure to plan your pack very carefully and repack it several times to see that everything you want with go in and that it does not become too heavy. Make up a list of things to the letter as you go. It’s very annoying to find that you have forgotten things at home.
A good backpack is the be-all and end-all here. Make sure you have a strong and durable backpack. Make sure it has many bypass and that it can be opened in both the bottom and top. It’s very difficult otherwise to access what is at the bottom. To have bypass is self-evident and that there is space and the ability to bind fast such as sleeping mats or sleeping bags from Toppharmacyschools.
Remember that you also need to be able to wear the backpack, so don’t buy too large backpack.
Stuff to bring
Most things that are good to have with taking Martin W up in his article.
This will even things which I think are important to take with you. And an explanation if necessary:
Small backpack
A small backpack that you can easily fold up for next to nothing are very practical. You then have an extra backpack that you can take with you to the beach. And when not in use so you just have to squish and pack it down.
Syringes and needles
When I was in Malaysia, we had with us our own syringes and needles. If reached would happen so we wanted clean syringes. We never had to use them as luck would have it, but you never know. It is unnecessary if you travel in economy-proof areas, but we were out and luffade on Malaysia’s East coast where there was not so much tourists.
Fitted sheet, flat sheet and pillow case
May seem much and unnecessary, but it’s very nice to have with their own things. A sweater in the pillowcase, and you have a cushion. The duvet cover is a comfortable sleeping bag if it is not too hot, otherwise it is just to stop in a blanket and you have a quilt. Under sheet is for those times you do not live in the cleanest places. In Malaysia so I shared bed with an ant community. Then it’s nice to know that there are one or two pieces of cloth between you and the ants.
Traveler’s checks, airline tickets and other things valuable to lie there. Keep the mag bag inside the shirt and pants. Be sure to get a flat bag as possible so that it does not appear that you have a magväska on you. See late to pack all the paper in a plastic sleeve. When we were in a national park in Malaysia and wandered so we held on to destroy our airline tickets and travel cheques. It was so humid and we got very sweaty, so when we got home and would check the mag the bags they were completely genomsura and the tickets fell almost to pieces. Luckily, they went to dry. But don’t repeat our mistake.
Travel diary
To look in a travel diary in hindsight are great fun and writing it while traveling can be a very nice relaxation. So I filled my book. Just make sure to bring pens.
Vaccination certificate
I think that some countries require that you should be able to produce a certificate that it has been vaccinated themselves. How wholly it is never wrong to include.
A good knife
With a good knife, you can do a lot. Slice the fruit you have bought, cut up packaging. Be sure to have a real knife with you. Fork you can ignore but the knife is necessary.
A box of size lunch box is handy. In the store you are fragile things and little things while you are travelling around. Then you can even eat out of it if you need to.
Baseball cap, sunhat
Easy to take with you all the time and a very good protection for the Sun.
Other hints and tips
Please nice to the people you meet and respect their customs. You do it so goes everything so much easier and interesting opportunities going forward. When we were in the National Park so, we only have the hut for two days. It was then booked by others, my parents went in search of a youth hostel. They got a bit wrong and happened to go to the owner of the cottages that we lived in and after a while so we were invited to their home. An interesting and fun experience, I can say. Other people helped us to hotels and holiday villages. We got help with that call and book your trip to the National Park, while another Swedish couple sounded unpleasant and was generally acidic did not get any help to call the airline. So kindly rewarded.
Dare to trust people. We understood people in Malaysia as very pleasant and accommodating. We had help everywhere and no one was rude. We were shocked when we got to the tourist frequent Bangkok. Where we got a very different reception and we knew right away that they were only looking for one’s money. So you get to feel the pulse of the place you are at and adapt to it.
Dare to travel outside the tourist areas. You have freedom with the backpack, make sure you use it too! To get away from the well-known tourist places and get to know the real life of the country is a great experience.
Make sure to find out if you need to apply for a visa to enter the country.
Don’t be afraid to buy big things along the way. Remember that it is always possible to send packages through the mail. Most likely you will be home before the package you sent out months ago, but until it comes and you do not have to shoulder the thing all the time.
Sew love to fast a Swedish flag on your backpack. My parents were out and luffade over half a year in Central and North America. They had a Swedish flag in his backpack and a lot of people came up and wanted to talk to them when they saw that they were Swedes.
Talk with other backpackers en route to exchange tips on travel destinations.
And finally, be sure to have fun and discover the country you are in. Tourist places look the same wherever you are in the world. Came out in the countryside and meet people in the country.