What Really Want The Rich (And Perhaps We Don’t Know to Take Advantage of That as We Have)

We are not going to deceive at this point in the party: almost all of us would want to be millionaires. And I don’t know if not there will be leftovers that almost. In times of economic difficulties, with a large part of the population through complications to make ends meet, and not to mention let us whims, we damaged with closed eyes have many zeros current account and a credit card that we could spend without thinking in the dramatic day in which comes the summary. It is clear that what we envy them for the rich, but… do they envy something to us?

We decided to go to the heart of the matter and interviewing someone who belongs to that small elite of people whose bank accounts could make us shudder. We wanted to give us the keys to what he (and also other millionaires) envy of us poor mortals. Well, actually we would like to give us the keys to your credit card, but that’s another story. But we need to prove that they also we envy us, more than anything so our poor lives still have sense.


The only indispensable condition for our interviewee before agreeing to talk to us was remain anonymous. Because this is precisely one of the assets that tend to envy the rich who we enjoy it without ask it.

«Luckily, I’m not a person known outside my environment, but thinking of footballers, actors, singers, etc…» «You have to be very complicated to know that you can never go out without that you recognize, you never mess up unless the next day even be home».


Of course, as in all aspects, East also It will vary depending on the methods by which a millionaire has gained his fortune. We assume that those rich heirs that we see in the magazines enjoying leisure yachts in the Mediterranean do not have too many problems to find free time. But, what happens with those who earn money working?

“Although some might have the image that when you reach a certain level of employment, salary or fortune, already ‘four things’ only direct from a law firm, experience tells me that it is not so. Both myself and the people I know who have had success as entrepreneurs or large executives spent many, many hours working. And, usually, they are jobs that involve travel. «In my case, I have managed to slow the pace in recent years, but they were many years without vacation, seeing very little to my kids and wondering, from time to time, if it was worth so much effort».


Obviously, a person with money, especially if it is known, may appeal to those who want to take advantage of its wealth to commit a crime. Most of the very rich live surrounded by bodyguards and security measures others were not able to imagine.

“In my case, I have the chance to live in a safe city. Spain, in general, is a safe country, but I can’t shake me a little when I hear on the media news about kidnappings of relatives of entrepreneurs in other countries, or even here. It is something so I guess that our mind protects us to not become paranoid, but also have to be cautious and give some comfort to increase security measures at home and in the environment».


All attribute to the possessors of large fortunes help others moral responsibility. Some do, in greater or less extent, and others or consider it. The problem is at the moment in that the line between being supportive and let others take advantage of the situation becomes too thin.

“I feel uncomfortable talking about this. I have clear, and my family, that we are also a few privileged. But I can’t help but to bother me that people who I don’t know just approaching me asking to do them favors that, in many cases, are not even within my reach. And even in cases in which I did everything possible to get help, end up being criticized if things did not go well».


Perhaps normality is the summary of all of the above. The quality of being a normal person, both self as in the image that others perceive. It is not easy, clear, because it is not normal to have a few million euros in the Bank. Normal is, in a way, the toll payable.

“Yes, I’d like that my life was normal in some respects in which isn’t it. But, I repeat, I am well aware that I am a privileged and I can not, or I, not complain. I am more concerned for my children than for me. That someone approaching them wanting to take advantage of them, for example. «Yes I have assumed that my life is a little far from normality because of my profession, but I refuse to my children to not be boys normal, so playing an extra effort».

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