What Match a Red Dress


Red, always it has been considered the glamor color par excellence. From the red carpet to the glossy magazines, we can see that the red is the master because it is a color with a strong emotional charge and dense with meaning; in fact, it has always been a symbol of elegance and style, but also boldness, passion and determination. It’s a color that goes great with any kind of complexion and gives typical allure of those who wants to get noticed and make their mark. That’s why with this guide, I will reveal what to match a red dress to be special for any occasion and feel real princesses.

First, if the dress has a remarkable neckline and is sleeveless or leaves, only, her shoulders bare, I suggest you wear a black shoulder cover, clean lines, with long sleeves or three-quarter, to give a touch of sobriety to your style, given that red is already a color demanding, or if you are the more rock and less romantic women can choose one with the shoulder pads to give importance to your dress and be at the same time, eccentric and sophisticated in choosing your leaders. At most, to cover the shoulder you can apply a brooch (shoulder height) to enhance, even more, your outfit.

What shoes to wear with a red dress? Black: One of the classic options at the moment to match a red dress is a choice of black shoes. If you have an evening dress looks for a fine open-heeled shoe; whereas if it is a casual dress, you can choose another type of black shoes.White: Especially if the garment has a few details of this color. In addition, it should be remembered that this is a very summery color not recommended in winter. Gold: The gold refinement combined with a beautiful red dress can make your look more spectacular. Ideal combination especially for parties, galas and other night-time occasions. Silver: Silver is also a match for your red dress, because it gives brightness and elegance. As before, it is very appropriate for evening parties.

For the stock market, essential accessory, I recommend SummerDressesstore, however, a black clutch, rectangular, medium large, valuable, with Swarovski crystals or shiny satin, simple, basic, but very elegant. To carry by hand or shoulder strap with that, often, the bags have already provided.

Finally, to complete your outfits, you can not miss the jewelery, real or costume jewelry. I recommend, in this regard, to buy a nice bracelet, great, studded with diamonds or choose a simple necklace to adorn your neckline or even the clip-on earrings or pendants, always, studded with diamonds to give light to your face. The choice of jewelry to match is very important because you have to be careful not to overdo and do, above all, a strategic choice that can valorizzarsi at best. You can, also, to match your dress only a jewel, you do not need to wear them all three; but the choice is personal and it’s up to you to decide.

Never Forget:

Choose, always, a trick that values ​​you and that you should not complicate your face.

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