What Is the Use of Thermal Water?

The thermal water is one of the fads of beauty to the skin. The thermal water has minerals and other elements that may be important for skin health.
It must not be forgotten that in the 19th century, the thermal baths have conquered the whole of Europe.  Who never heard about the Roman baths? People traveled in search of the powers of thermal water (see history of tourism).
The thermal water is recommended especially for hot days, for those who are in contact with the air conditioning, for oily skins, for irritation and/or sensitive skin too much and, even for those people who have difficulty in finding the perfect moisturizer for the skin.
What is the thermal water?
The thermal water is found in basements, from hot water sources heated by geothermal processes that reach high temperatures. Its constitution is directly linked to the geological composition of their place of origin. Thus, the types of minerals are found in each water vary, according to the rock formations of the place it was found.
The thermal water toward cosmetic purposes is collected directly from the source, without being artificially modified and maintains its original properties.
Benefits of thermal water:
The thermal water is anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, calming, soothing and healing. The thermal water can also help maintain the elasticity of the skin (moisturizing) and balances some cutaneous skin activities. In summer or dry days moisturizes without “goo”. Not to mention that it is refreshing. The water also has an important role in preparing the skin before receiving the makeup. Skin well hydrated ensures a more beautiful appearance of makeup and fixed better the same.
How to use the thermal water?
Follow the recommendations of the brand of thermal water. Normally, it is advisable to spray in the face about of 3 times a day before makeup and after removing the make. Use the water to cleanse the skin before pass the sunscreen. For specific skin treatments, such as peeling, you must follow the recommendations of the dermatologist. Generally, the only contraindication is if the people realize that has an allergy to any component of the water.
What you need to know about thermal water?
The thermal water does not replace the sunscreen and, much less, the daily cleaning of the skin care. Miracles don’t exist. Everyone knows that the appearance of the skin depends crucially on the type of food + drink water. Don’t put all your chips in a single product. The Brazil has some thermal water sources, but only one brand is sold for this purpose: H2OS Thermal Water (Aguas de Sao Pedro, the Thalassic Thermal).