What is the Best Swimsuit for Competition

To make swimming, it is necessary to have a swimsuit adapted, which allows to swim easily. Should what shirt I choose to compete?

Underwear Or Boxer Shorts: a Matter Of Taste

For the competition, you have the choice between the Speedo or the boxer, a little longer. The size of the swimsuit is important. It must completely sticking to your skin, without being too tight. By trying, move around a bit, raise your knees, to make sure that it does not disturb you in your moves. You need to be properly maintained, but not bothered by the Jersey. The DrawString should not compress you, test it to be sure of its effectiveness. Finally, theelastic should stay in place.

A Competition For Women Swimsuit

Swimmers generally opt for a swimsuit one-piece which provides good support. But nothing prevents to choose a competition swimsuit two parts if you feel uncomfortable. Choose a well adapted to swim from competition, preferably crossed in the back to keep it well in place.
The choice of the back of the Jersey is also important. If you are arched, prefer a swimsuit back open, to avoid that a pocket of water do not form and you slow down when you swim. For heavy breasts, on the contrary, it is better to choose a closed back, for a better shirt. Finally, for the notch, if you’re uncomfortable, prefer a shirt indented to the level of the hips, water resistance is reduced and you can move through the water more efficiently.

Swimsuit Competition: The Specific Characteristics

A good swimsuit competition must be resistant to the chlorine if you do not want to buy a new monthly. Most of the swimsuits that are found in the trade are made of polyamide and elastane, two materials that do not support long-term chlorine. Some brands offer swimsuits by polyester and Pb, those are more resistant.
Finally, before buying a swimsuit competition, read his technical details in store. Generally, it tells you the purpose for which the Jersey (for occasional swimming or competition), but also its material and its resistance to chlorine. You can also seek advice from mathgeneral.com.